Aluminium Joist & Plastic Pedestal – Decking Subframe System

No one can argue that well maintained, quality hardwood timber decking, looks fantastic. But how about what’s under the deck? Timber subframes can often rot over time as moisture sits between the decking and the joists. Apart from the timber degrading it can also move as it absorbs moisture and then dries out. Plus, timber joists can twist and warp, especially if they are too close to the ground or have poor spacing and there is not enough airflow under your deck. Aluminium joists do not suffer from any of these problems so when considering the best framing for your deck you should seriously consider aluminium joists.

Just like the timber under your deck, the boards themselves need to be carefully assessed. If you are prepared to spend time and effort maintaining your hardwood timber decking, that’s fine but if you would rather sit on the deck and relax, a Futurewood low maintenance composite decking option combined with an aluminium subframe is the perfect solution for you.

Introducing the future of decking: Futurewood’s Ultralow Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System – the perfect complement to our CleverDeck range of composite timber decking boards!

High-Quality Decking System

Our innovative decking system includes CleverDeck composite decking boards and Futurewood’s Aluminium Joist and Pedestal subfloor System.

This is the ideal solution for everyone, including in tight spaces where you would like a deck to be built but there are minimum height limitations that conventional decking systems, including those using LVL joists, don’t meet.

The Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System has been designed to provide an ultralow solution and is perfect for installations where there are height restrictions that limit the traditional deck options for a concrete or timber stump/ LVL, pine or hardwood bearer/joist subframe.

The system enables you to install a deck where the height of the deck (including the decking material and the subframe) needs to be less than 100mm. The subframe grid system consists of an aluminium joist, joining brackets, and adjustable height plastic pedestals.

Specifications & Sizes

50mm x 25mm x 5400mm Long Black Powder Coated Aluminium Joist

18mm – 30mm Adjustable Black Plastic Pedestal

30mm – 60mm Adjustable Black Plastic Pedestal

60mm – 140mm Adjustable Black Plastic Pedestal

125mm diameter double joist top plate for pedestals

100mm x 17mm 304 SS straight joining bracket

50mm x 50mm x 17mm 304 SS right angle joining bracket

50mm x 50mm x 17mm 304 SS adjustable angle joining bracket

The Futurewood Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System, including a CleverDeck composite decking board, can provide a total height of less than 70mm (subframe and deck board). The aluminium joist is a 50mm wide x 25mm high profile that is 5400mm long.

When installed as a grid system with joists at 450mm centres and pedestals positioned under the joists at 450mm centres (creating a 450mm grid system substructure), the system has been designed and tested for a safe working load of 2KN/m2 (uniformly distributed load) or an applied load located anywhere on the span of the joist of 1.4 KN.

The subframe system consists of:

  • 18-30mm adjustable height plastic pedestals

  • 30-60mm adjustable height plastic pedestals

  • 60–140mm adjustable height plastic pedestals

  • right angle, adjustable angle, or straight joiners

  • 50mm x 25mm x 5400mm powder coated black aluminium joist

  • 125mm diameter double joist top plate

Other heights are available by request.

Installing The Subframe Grid System

You can use the pedestal and joist system together on concrete or tiled patios/balconies where there isn’t enough height to have traditional stump, bearer and joist subframes.

The pedestal and aluminium joist subframe should be installed on a solid surface such as a concrete or tiled patio, alfresco or a standalone paved area.

If you’d like to install over bare earth, the earth needs to be compacted and well-drained. You will also need to lay a geo-membrane over the earth and position appropriate concrete pavers in a 450mm grid pattern to place the pedestals on.

There are 3 specially designed stainless-steel brackets that fit within the flanges on the side of the aluminium joist. These allow you to join the aluminium joists or to fit them at right angles or with the multi-angle bracket at any angle between 30 and 180 degrees. Then, you can position the joists according to the deck board layout that you decide on. All joins must occur over a pedestal.

Why Choose Futurewood’s Aluminium Decking Subframe

Low-height Option

CleverDeck composite decking and the Futurewood Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System provide the perfect solution for building a deck where height restrictions limit conventional stump/bearer/joist subframe options.

Now you can install decks even if the entire structure – decking material and subframe – have to be under 100mm in height.

User-Friendly and Versatile

Our DIY decking system is one of the best on the market, easy to use and easy on the budget. And with delivery throughout Australia, building your own professional-looking deck has never been easier.

Now you too can create a beautiful timber look deck without the worry of moisture and other elements ruining both your decking boards and your timber subframe. You can also trust that the subframe it is supported by will serve you for years into the future.

Choose your adjustable plastic pedestals for a made-to-measure deck that works for you.

Easy Installation

No decking project is a challenge when supported by the pedestal and aluminium joist subframe system. It is designed to be used on a concrete alfresco area, a concrete or tiled patio, balconies or even standalone paving, and installation is quick and easy.

The subframe grid system includes aluminium joists and adjustable plastic pedestals. Install as a 450mm grid system substructure with joists at 450mm centres and pedestals positioned under the joists.

Build Your Ideal Deck Where You Want It

This system is one of the best in its class, and we recommend it for use on concrete or paved areas. Designed to be used with our scratch and weather-resistant, low maintenance composite decking, deck building is now within reach of everyone. No special skills are required!

You can also lay the subframe over bare ground (if well-drained and compacted), just choose the desired position for your deck, clear away any grass or other vegetation, remove any loose soil until you reach a compacted base, make sure the area has a sufficient slope so that water drains easily, apply a geo-membrane over the bare soil and place concrete pavers in a grid pattern for the pedestals to sit on.

CleverDeck Xtreme Rustic Merbau 138mm wide decking installed using a low height aluminium subframe over old pavers in a suburban backyard
Futurewood’s aluminium joist and low height adjustable pedestals being installed over pavers to create a backyard under roof deck

Build The Perfect Deck With The Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System

Laying a deck adds to the value and beauty of your house, and we believe that every homeowner should be able to enjoy this luxury. That’s why we developed the most versatile decking joist and subframe system in the country.

Want to ensure that your deck project is a success? Provide it with the right support from the start! The Aluminium Joist and Pedestal Grid System in conjunction with our CleverDeck composite decking is the solution to building the perfect deck.