The Increasing Popularity of Composite Timber

Real timber has been around for the longest time. It has been the primary building material used by man ever since it learned how to build things. Since the prehistoric times, wood has always been the top choice for building shelters and other kinds of structures. Apart from being resistant, this amazing material is very easy to work with, offers good insulation, and is found almost everywhere. As time passed by, many different civilizations became increasing interested in the visual aesthetics of a home or establishment, and because of its pleasant texture, wood eventually became much more popular.

But, we all know that using wood also has lots of drawbacks. For example, real timber is vulnerable to pest attacks like termites, wood ants, and woodworm. It is also not immune to the harsh effects of water, fire, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Lastly, wood absorbs water, which causes it to shrink and swell. Apart from these, many people are becoming more conscious as to whether real wood is an ethical choice. Forests around the world are starting to disappear because of the construction industry’s high demand for wood. This, along with the aforementioned negative aspects of real timber, has paved the way for the emergence of alternative timber products such as composite timber in locations like #suburb 1#, #suburb 2#, #suburb 3#, #suburb 4#, and #suburb 5#.

Is Composite Timber A Good Alternative?

Composite timber gained its popularity because of its many beneficial features. First, they are extremely safe because of their splinter free and slip resistant feature. They also require minimal upkeep, which saves you a lot of time, effort, and money eventually. Now, let us talk about the latter- the cost. Conventional timber is known to be more affordable upfront than composite timber. However, since real wood needs constant upkeep, you will end up paying more in the end. On the other hand, if you choose composite timber, you may have to pay a hefty price. However, since it does not need regular maintenance, you will end up saving a lot of cash down the road. What about the design, Futurewood supplies composite timber that looks a lot like conventional wood. They are available in different colors and finishes.

Why Go For Futurewood?

Futurewood has been supplying composite timber since 2007 and through the many years that we have been in business, we have continued to improve our business model to make sure that always offer new efficiencies to building industry. We have supplied composite timber to property owners and large corporations like Hutchinson Builders, Englehart Homes, and JG King. As a company, we aim to protect our environment and that means making sure that trees stay in the forest where they should be. We aim to constantly supply sustainable alternatives to real wood so that consumers and builders no longer have to rely on conventional timber. We offer a range of products including #product 1#, #product 2#, and #product 3#. They are not only eco-friendly but they are also a great value for money.

Composite Timber For Your Decking, Cladding, and Fence Screening Projects

Composite decking has become extremely popular over the years and among the most reputable suppliers is Futurewood. Composite timber is known for its safety features, which include being slip resistant and splinter free. It is also barefoot friendly since no screws or nails are required to go through the deck. Composite decking only requires occasional cleaning since it is made of recycled wood and plastic. You do not have to seal it, stain it, or paint it. In terms of durability, composite timber features high resistance to mold and it will not rot, split, or splinter. It will not crack or disintegrate, which makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions.

If you wish to make the most out of the visual appeal of timber cladding but without the maintenance requirements of real timber, then you should consider using composite timber. Although it is not real wood, composite timber resembles the natural appeal of the conventional wood. It can be used on the exterior of a residential and commercial building because of its practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. It is made of recycled materials, making it a “green” option for people who wish to do their part in saving the environment. Using composite timber for your cladding project also helps in boosting your property’s value, which will be beneficial in case you decide to sell your home in the future.

Futurewood’s EnviroSlat decorative cladding and 70mm x 15mm screen Fencing is made to cover 900mm between fence posts. The boards provide you with a low maintenance vertical or horizontal slat fence or screen. They are available in five different colours including Walnut, Slate Grey, Slatebush, Mahogany, and Chocolate. Your neighbors will envy you once they notice your stunning EnviroSlat fence is not made of conventional timber. Since you will be using composite timber, your fence does not need oiling or painting and it is also not prone to cracking or splitting.

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