External Weatherproof Cladding (EnviroSlat)

Cladding can change the look of your house dramatically with its timeless appeal. But is there a way to get the timber cladding look you desire without all the hassle of maintenance? Yes, there is!

Composite cladding is an affordable and durable finish for both interior and exterior applications. Used on exterior walls, it will last for years and is resistant to the warping, rotting, and fading that you’ll experience with natural timber.

Explore Weatherproof External Cladding

Check out the colour options and how they look on various decks via our Colour Explorer tool below.

Level Up Your Look With Composite Wall Cladding

Thanks to its easy installation, strength, durability, and wide range of colours and cut to length board sizes, composite cladding is becoming a more popular choice for homeowners throughout Australia.

Even the dreariest of walls can be given a whole new lease on life with stylish weatherproof cladding from Futurewood.

Available Sizes – Custom orders only – subject to a minimum order quantity and a lead time of 8-11 weeks.

156mm wide x 21mm profile with an overall board thickness of 8mm. Available in custom lengths from 1000mm to 5800mm long

EnviroSlat solid WPC composite timber Weatherproof Cladding is made to order in up to 14 different colours.

Minimum quantities and lead times apply.

The boards are custom made to any length from 1m to 5.8m long and can be made in several different lengths for larger projects to minimise waste.

The boards have a coarse sanded finish on the face of the cladding board with a darker grooved shiplap join that covers the screw to provide a concealed fix.

The Benefits of Composite Timber Cladding

Quick & Easy to Install

Composite timber wall cladding boards give you professional-looking results in next to no time. And they can be installed either vertically or horizontally, giving you the freedom to weatherproof and decorate your house your way. The choice is yours. 

Sure, natural timber boards on your wall will look sleek and stylish, but who has time for the finishing and painting that goes with it? That’s why our wood-look cladding material is supplied as a finished board. It is pre-coloured and given a rough-sanded finish, so it looks great as soon as it is screwed into place.

There is nothing worse than having to reach high up on a wall perched on a ladder to oil or paint your natural timber and then remembering when the job is complete you will have to come back and do it all again in no time.! EnviroSlat composite timber weatherproof external cladding does not require any ongoing oiling or painting so once it is screwed in place you can forget having to get high up on that ladder again.

This combination makes the boards quick and easy to install, saving you time, money, and labour, but with the same beautiful results.


Residential timber weatherboards are prone to weather damage and typically require painting that will eventually bubble, peel off or fade under the Australian sun’s harsh UV rays. They can also be prone to warping or rotting from constant exposure to rain and dampness. As if that’s not bad enough, there are also pest infestations to worry about, like termites.

Timber boards typically need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best, especially in the unforgiving Australian climate. But none of that is a problem with our composite wall cladding boards.

That’s what sets our composite cladding apart from the rest. It’s engineered to withstand the constant onslaught of severe weather on Australian homes and it has great environmental credentials as it is made from predominantly recycled materials.

Stylish, Modern Look

Composite timber cladding can be used for multiple cladding applications, replacing the likes of timber weatherboards, fibre cement boards, metal sheeting, materials, compressed timber panels, and the list goes on. There are so many materials that can be used for covering walls but how many give you the environmental peace of mind of a recycled product? EnviroSlat Weatherproof Cladding offers the clean, classic good looks of wood with the benefits of modern technology and innovation and a lot less maintenance.

True to its name, EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding is also good for the environment as it is constructed from recycled waste products. That means it meets the modern need for environmental friendliness without sacrificing style or convenience.

Now you can save the planet just by choosing the right cladding for your home.

About EnviroSlat Weatherproof External Cladding

EnviroSlat Weatherproof External Cladding boards are made from recycled polyolefins (plastic from post industrial waste), cellulose material (hardwood sawdust ground into a wood flour), and discarded rice husks, making them environmentally friendly hardwood timber alternatives.

The EnviroSlat range of composite timber cladding is pre-coloured and finished, meaning it is quicker to install and much easier to maintain than a timber or fibre cement cladding alternative.

EnviroSlat Weatherproof External Cladding boards can be installed either vertically or horizontally. And don’t worry about any fixtures being visible. The 156mm profile boards overlap to hide the screw fixing and provide a concealed fix for the cladding to ensure a smooth, seamless appearance.

The overall cover per cladding board is 135mm, so 7.4 lineal metres of the 156mm wide cladding board is required to cover 1 square metre of wall.

EnviroSlat is the top choice in composite cladding for the discerning homeowner. We are happy to provide colour samples at your request so that you can find the best match for your unique colour palette and preferred style.

Low Maintenance Cladding

The colour of the external cladding board runs right through the cladding material and does not require any initial or ongoing painting. This can be a huge cost saving on scaffolding and labour depending on the project. Unlike timber cladding, EnviroSlat is the hassle-free way to update your home.

Because the boards are designed for and made from composite materials, they will not split, crack or rot like wood. That means you don’t have to oil or paint them as you would with timber to protect them from the elements. And with excellent tested fire indices you reduce the fire risk that comes with some of the more flammable materials used as cladding.

Note: EnviroSlat Composite Timber Weatherproof Cladding will weather over the first 4-12 weeks of the boards being exposed to the elements. The comparison colours shown will vary based on the computer screen’s quality and the settings you are viewing them on and is a representation only. Actual colour samples are available on request.

Create A Modern Exterior With Futurewood’s Weatherproof Composite Cladding

Are you looking for a fuss-free way to update your home’s exterior with wall cladding that stands the test of time? One that’s low maintenance and looks fresh and modern for years to come.

The EnviroSlat weatherproof composite cladding from Futurewood is the ideal choice for your building or renovation project. We deliver throughout Australia to help you build the home of your dreams.

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