Cladding Ideas For Homeowners On A Tight Budget

Are you one of those who dream of having a beautiful home with an attractive roof, fancy looking garden, and visually stunning exterior walls? If you don’t want to or cannot afford to buy a new house that satisfies your entire wish list, there are several options to turn your plain looking house into your dream home. You will find many ways to brighten up the exterior of your home. One of the most affordable and appreciated option is cladding. Changing the cladding of your home’s exterior wall can make a significant difference in your house’s appearance.

The Benefits

Aside from being an aesthetic too, cladding serves as your home’s protective shield and improves the structural stability of your building. With modern but cheap cladding ideas in 2018, you will make your house amazingly resistant to moisture, rain, sunlight, pollutants, and strong winds. You can also combine different colours, textures, and materials to come up with a cladding that is resistant to fire and noise. Cladding applications can help you house or building withstand varying weather conditions and it can last for decades with minimum maintenance and repair requirements. Unlike the traditional painted walls, a cladding just needs basic washing to preserve its almost new appeal.

Top Cheap Cladding Ideas

Stone Cladding – numerous homeowners go for natural stone cladding because of its sophisticated an elegant visual appeal. You can choose between manufactured and natural stones. Manufactured stones are becoming more popular than its natural counterpart because of the wide range of options and easy installation. Dark-hued stone cladding is the best option if you love the look of a classic mansion.

Vinyl Cladding – the advantages that this option has to offer to any Australian house goes beyond its timber looks. It can withstand the harsh effects of being constantly exposed to Australia’s varying weather conditions. Apart from being available in different colors and designs, vinyl cladding requires minimal maintenance and is a budget friendly option, too.

Timber weatherboards – one of the most popular, easiest to install, and affordable option or exterior wall cladding for a home or building are weatherboards. Timber weatherboards provide a natural appeal to your home’s exterior walls and the strength of these house cladding panels place them as one of the best options for exterior house cladding products in Australia. Although you have a variety of products to choose from, timber weatherboards require regular care and maintenance compared to the other house cladding options because natural timber tends to turn gray, split, and rot in the long run. You can increase the lifespan of your timber and maintain its appeal through periodic painting.

Ceramic Cladding – an outstanding choice among architects, builders, and homeowners around the globe is ceramic cladding. It provides a home or building an unmatched artistic appeal. You can mix and match different colours, finishes, and design. It is a lightweight material that requires minimal upkeep. It resistant to chemicals and can withstand elements like smog, acid rain, and even pollution.

Glass Cladding – glossy exteriors gives any building or home a modern appeal. You can choose from curved, enameled, tempered, and laminated glass materials. Coloured glass claddings are likewise well-liked as it adds interesting and unique features to any structure.

Composite Wood – composite wood, also known as plastic wood or wood plastic composite, is made of wood and plastic, which makes it a good option for environmentally conscious individuals. Thanks to its plastic content, composite wood has a long lifespan and does not require sealing or treatment. Meanwhile, its wood content allows the composite boards to retain its amazing tactile feeling that only wood can give.

Composite timber offers lots of benefits compared to hardwood or other real wood cladding materials in the market today. It is easy to install, eco-friendly, visually appealing, versatile, and requires ultra-low maintenance.

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