How Much Does Cladding A House Cost?

Considering exterior house cladding comes to mind first for many homeowners who want to add something new to their home’s exterior. You can give your entire home or building, not just its facade, a new look if you add house cladding panels. Apart from knowing the different exterior house cladding products that you can choose from, you surely also want to know about the cost of cladding a house Australia.

Exterior House Cladding Products

You will have a range of cladding materials to choose from. There are materials that you may already be familiar with but there are also those that you might not have even heard of.  Here is a list of available cladding materials for 2018.

Weatherboard – it is a relatively budget-friendly option. It is offered in different colors and design. You will find one that will fit your preferences and your budget.

Timber Cladding – it is one of those cladding materials that are easy to find in the market. Compared to other types of cladding, timber cladding requires extensive and regular care and maintenance. But in terms of the appearance, you can never go wrong with timber cladding.

Composite Wood – it is a man-made material that is composed of derivative wood materials and recycled plastics. It is an eco-friendly option that mimics the look of real wood but without the need to maintain it regularly. It also does not warp, splinter, and rot, unlike real wood.

Vinyl Cladding – it is also known as uPVC cladding. This option is inexpensive and offers efficient noise and thermal insulation.

Steel Cladding – you can choose from a wide array of power coated shades and styles. It is more expensive than vinyl cladding but may homeowners report that this type of material is durable. You can also choose from smooth and woodgrain finishes.

Stone Veneer – If you want to use natural stone but cannot afford it, you should consider stone veneer. It looks a lot like real stone but it is more affordable compared to its original counterpart.

Render – it is a popular type of cladding material which is ideal for brick homes. If you want to have a textured or smooth render but do not know how to do it, contact a rendering expert at once. You also have the option to paint the render before and after its installation.

Cost Of Cladding A House Australia

The cost of cladding a house Australia varies from one supplier to another. Fortunately, you can get quotes for the costs of cladding for free. The average rate asked for by Australian cladding installers is $55 per hour but this number can go lower or higher depending on different factors. If the job required does not need much skills and labor, the cladding installer may charge you $50 per hour. On the other hand, tasks that need the expertise of specialists are priced at around $65 per hour. Some businesses also charge a rate that’s per square metre and it usually costs about $80/m2.

As mentioned earlier, several factors affect the cost of cladding a house Australia. The location, material, size, and design are among the things that affect the price. In terms of the location, a wall cladding for a home’s exterior is expected to be more expensive than what you have to pay for an interior cladding project. The cost will also vary based on the type of material you wish to use for your cladding project. Meanwhile, bigger projects cost more than smaller ones. You will also pay more for complicated cladding designs compared to basic ones. If you want to consult with an expert regarding the prices, design, and the materials for your cladding project, or other home renovation ideas like screen fencing for additional privacy or installing a new deck, feel free to contact Futurewood.