Exterior House Cladding Tips

Always remember that the exterior appearance of your home or building matters as much as the interior. Given that, you might need to consider exterior house cladding for your upcoming home renovation project. Here are some important things you need to consider when you decide to install house cladding panels.

The Material

Having a new cladding for your home’s exterior wall will freshen up your home’s aesthetics. Whatever design you choose for your property, whether it is in trend in 2018 or the previous years, an exterior cladding will add a different feel to your outdoor living area. You will see a great difference. Just take a look at house cladding before and after pictures of other houses in Australia that recently had a cladding installed. However, cladding is not just about visuals.

Most exterior house cladding products are made to make sure that homes are properly insulated from cold, heat, and sound while maintaining the privacy it deserves. They also offer protection from weathering and fire. If you are looking for the most common cladding products, you will find options like steel, fibre cement, natural timber, composite wood, and co-extrusion timber. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses so be sure to know all these before you make a choice for your house cladding design.

Important Tips

It is also highly recommended that you choose exterior house cladding products that will give your house a clean look. If you find a quality wall cladding material, your home will look like it is almost brand new even if it is already several years old. Be sure to choose a cladding material that is weather resistant and durable if you want your home’s exterior to look beautiful at all times. You can go for composite cladding or co-extrusion timber. Both have great designs and much easier to maintain.

Find A Design That Fits In

You should also think about getting a design that fits in with the style of the other houses within your neighborhood. It does not mean that you have to forgo your personal style. You can still go with your preferences but don’t forget to consider how others will view it if the exterior of the other houses surrounding yours is taken into account. Think about the area that you live in and how your desired cladding design will affect your street appeal.

Did you ever think about why Australian houses near the beach often have large windows and spacious decks so they can enjoy the view of the sea? In terms of homes in the countryside, their design usually involves darker hues and their property is usually surrounded by various kinds of plants. This simply means that you need to choose exterior house cladding products that match the natural surroundings of your property.

The Design

Keep in mind that specific types of exterior house cladding products are better suited to some home designs compared to others. If you contact a design expert, he or she will tell you to go for a cladding material that will match your home’s current style.


If you choose materials other than composite wood, you need to be prepared for having to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. This might be a hard task for you if you living a busy life, don’t have the tools and knowledge as to how to properly take care of your cladding, or if you just don’t want to do it. However, if you choose composite wood or co-extrusion timber, you don’t have to concern yourself about this. You can spend your free time doing what matters to you most or by being with the people that you love. If you want more information about composite wood, contact Futurewood right away.