The Benefits That Make Composite Cladding A Top Building Material

Choosing the right kind of material for your cladding can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge or experience dealing with such materials. Most homeowners would have wood as their first option. It’s cheap, accessible, and by far the easiest to work with. However, wood has certain drawbacks that will always be there no matter what. Luckily, there are other new external wall cladding materials to choose from. Composite have been around for years and are extremely versatile and are designed to offer the versatility of wood in a more modern material. Check out these benefits of composite cladding panels and why it has become a better option than natural wood for internal and external cladding.

It is less prone to fire

Homes that are situated in fire-risk areas are better off using composites on their walls than wood. While wood burns easily as it goes in contact with fire, composites don’t. In fact, most composite cladding made nowadays have fire retardant additives which prevent the material from burning up when exposed to fire. Timber wall cladding, may look good but is also more prone to fire, which is not a good addition to homes with high BAL ratings. Composites, on the other hand, are more resilient against fire and other elements, making it a viable option for cladding and other construction projects.

It lasts longer than natural wood

You can use wood as external wall cladding and make it last a while, however, it won’t be as long as composites. While wood may look good for a couple of months, it won’t be long until it undergoes some changes on the surface. Wood, when left untreated, will either warp, crack, and or rot. This is the reason why timber cladding must always be preserved before they are put to use. You would need to stain wood or paint it to seal the exterior layer. This helps in preserving the wood, protecting it from the elements. Composite cladding, on the other hand, requires no prior preparations like wood does.

Composite cladding is perfect for any structure

Whether it’s for houses or buildings, composite cladding is the ideal product to use. Not only does it have the durability that wood has, it also makes good use of its various styles and designs. The good thing about it is that you can never run out of options. You can go anywhere from simple to ultra-modern with your design and there’s a composite cladding that will be a perfect fit. Using this type of material will definitely increase the face value of your home or building.

It is eco-friendly

One thing that a lot of people share nowadays is their outlook on the environment. If you are one of the many people who are looking to conserve resources in order to save the environment from going barren, composite cladding is for you. Composites offer not only beauty in their products, but also a chance to ease the burden on nature. Composites are usually made out of materials that are recycled. The plastics and wood fibers used are often obtained from recycled sources. Although using recycled materials, composites are high-quality and last quite long.

Low maintenance material

If you are looking for a material that you can use with minimal upkeep requirement, composites are the perfect choice. Since composites are so versatile, they can last for a long time before they need to be maintained. They also don’t need to be preserved, painted, and or sealed before usage. You can literally buy and use composite cladding directly. There is no much need to do any sort of preparation. In terms of maintenance, the regular cleaning would do and nothing more is required.