Futurewood Decking / Cladding Used in Multi-Million Dollar Perth City Beach Surf Club

For the major development of Perth’s City Beach surf club, material that weathered well, with little need for on-going maintenance was required – Futurewood’s composite decking and cladding were chosen to complete the job.

In 2012, a multi-million dollar renovation of Perth’s City Beach surf club was approved, with final construction completed at the end of 2015. Original blueprints showcased the potential for the renovated surf club to develop into a popular restaurant and parkland precinct, with design maximising views of the famous coastal landscape that is City Beach.

Chuditch – Perth based timber flooring and decking provider, was contracted to supply and install Futurewood’s Saltbush (Colour no longer available. Replaced with Weatherstone) composite decking, in addition to Futurewood’s 86mm custom made decking used as cladding for planned planter boxes within the project site.

Made from recyclable material, Futurewood’s composite decking and cladding are a low-maintenance alternative to timber. The composite materials require no oiling or finishing, minimising on-going upkeep and costs.

For the City Beach surf club, it was clear that that the location – its close proximity to the ocean, required material that could withstand such an environment over a long period of time – Futurewood’s composite decking and cladding was the right fit for the job.

Patrick Coutts, projects manager at Chuditch and site supervisor for the City Beach surf club decking installation, cites challenges of the project as often difficult to coordinate, with delays out of their scope. The quick installation of Futurewood’s composite decking and cladding helped to iron out some of these issues, with Mr Coutts commenting that “Chuditch intends to pursue any large commercial project where this product [Futurewood composite decking and cladding] is specified in future.”

Futurewood’s composite products can be used for both commercial and domestic projects. For more information about Futurewood’s full range of composite decking materials and cladding systems, call 1300 484 308 or email [email protected]