Futurewood provides a cladding solution

Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding is low maintenance, easy to install and cost effective – the ideal choice for your next project.

Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was recently used to complete a project located north of the Parramatta River, Sydney. In discussion with the property owner, Greg Neilson – Project Architect at Archinspect Architecture, the requirement of a low maintenance property was stressed; Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding would eventually be selected to complete the job.

Greg Neilson credits the economical, durable and “low maintenance” features of Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding for his decision. A third of the cost of the original cladding planned for the project, Neilson says it was the lack of maintenance required, as per the client’s request, which won him over.

Overall, the project took 440 calendar days to complete, but the installation of Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding took only approximately 4 weeks in total. Whilst red cedar was chosen as the original material of choice, Neilson credits the lack of cupping, warping, twisting, cracking and splitting of Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding as being a smart, cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to the timber originally selected for the project.

The weatherproof cladding was used vertically, with Neilson stating that he is “so impressed with the product, to the extent that [he] is considering using it horizontally on another residential project”. He has previously used Futurewood’s CleverDeck decking on numerous other architectural projects.

In addition to Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding, acrylic render, sandwich panel roof (Ritek), double-glazing and reverse masonry veneer was also used. Neilson also

sourced special aluminium T sections that finished off the boards, while a Futurewood composite 65mm square hollow post was used on the corners of the property, complementing Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding and providing a sophisticated finish.

In further comments, Neilson cites the ease of fixing Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding for his decision to opt for the material – a contributing factor in the just 4 weeks it took to complete the project with Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding.

Ultimately, Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was a low maintenance choice that fulfilled the client brief and provided them with a long-term, cost effective solution.

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