Give your Garden the Futurewood Edge

You’ve just made a lovely new garden bed and spread a load of mulch. But over the next few weeks, two things happen: the mulch starts spilling over the lawn and the grass starts growing its way back into the garden.

You need garden edging. Something tidy and long-lasting to separate gardens, lawns, paths, paving or feature trees.

There are plenty of options. Plastic, aluminium or steel all have their pros and cons. Bricks, pavers or rockwork will last a lifetime, provided you’re willing to mud them all up properly to keep grass from creeping through. Then there’s environmentally-friendly Futurewood – a great alternative to chemically treated pine which has to be handled carefully or hardwood that has come from a rainforest.

EnviroSlat Garden Edging is 8mm wide and 75mm high – leaving enough below ground level to thwart those dreaded grass roots and enough above to give a neat, decorative finish. It comes in 4800mm lengths that are easy to install and shape to suit your design. The Slate Grey finish and wood grain surface give a natural timber look and it’s resistant to decay and insect attack, including termites.

A good way to design your garden bed is to lay it out with a garden hose, just to play with shapes, mixing straight edges with gentle curves.

Then mark it out with spray-on marker paint, or use pegs and twine strung at the desired finished height. It’s a good idea to mow your lawn nice and short before you start digging. 50mm or so should be about right – make a texta mark on the face of your spade so you can check the depth as you go along. Position a timber peg every 1200mm or so, drop in your EnviroSlat edging, and fix with two or three galvanized screws per peg.

Your garden has never looked better.