Tips For Choosing The Best House Cladding Options

So many of us spend more of our time beautifying the interior of your home. There are several cases when homeowners forget about it. But if you have finally decided to improve the looks and functionality of your home’s exterior, provided below are a few cladding options that can add style and function to your new home or building. Many of them are very famous in Australia. Be sure to check them out if you want to have a range of options that can help you improve your home’s appearance.

Silver Top Ash – Timber cladding is among the most durable, most affordable, and most popular of all the house cladding products. Apart from that, it is also easy to install and possesses an irresistible natural aesthetics that enhances your external walls. You are spoilt with choices when it comes to house cladding options.

Silver top ash is one of the best material for your house cladding ideas in 2018 that has a timeless beauty. Also referred to as coat ash, this class 2 hardwood is more affordable than the other options. Silvertop ash is also fire resistant and comes with its own coat of repellants and oils. . It is a great option for summer house cladding, floor, deck, and even furniture. With its many uses, it will be easy for you to come up with house cladding ideas that has a uniform look. This house cladding panel has a light brown shade that greys off excellently.

Natural Stone- Homeowners who love the appeal and sophistication of a classic Australian mansion go for the house cladding options like natural stone for their exterior walls. You can choose from manufactured or real stones. They both last for a long time and do not chip, fade or crack.

Scyon Linea weatherboard – This option was introduced a few years back and it instantly became a hit in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. It features the appeal of hardwood but without the problem associated with termites. It features greater acoustic and thermal performance compared to other hardwoods available in the market today. You can easily paint it and it does not need regular repainting because it is comes pre-primed. This fiber cement weatherboard is known for its durability and minimal maintenance. They are also available in various classic and contemporary designs.

Tiles – Tile exterior cladding comes in a wide variety of options, which means it can accommodate diverse aesthetics. Tiles are durable and low maintenance. It is also a great insulator, which means your home will be more energy efficient. You can check site like Pinterest for top tile designs for 2018

Shadowclad – If you are on a shoestring budget then you should consider getting shadowclad plywood panels. It is a lightweight and sustainable material that can make your home’s exterior look perfectly stunning without having to spend too much.

Bricks – This one of the oldest house cladding options that we still use for constructing various kinds of structures these days. They come in different shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. Apart from improving the aesthetics of your home, bricks are also resistant to fire and they have a great thermal efficiency, which can help you save as much as 25% on your energy bills. It is soundproof, weatherproof, and age proof. It is also sustainable and secure. Bricks are often overlooked by many designers, builders, and homeowners these days because of the availability of many different options like composite wood.

Composite Wood – If you want to find a sustainable, low maintenance, and affordable house cladding options, then you should put composite wood on top of your list. This product can also be used for projects like decking, flooring, screen fencing for privacy. Composite wood and co-extrusion timber, like the products offered by Futurewood come prefinished, and that means it requires little almost no maintenance at all. They will retain their almost brand new look on your exterior wall for as long as 25 years. It does not decay and does not require staining or painting. It is an eco-friendly option that is made of recycled materials like plastics and timber fibers. It is offered in different colors and grain finishes, which means you will find one that matches your home’s current design and meets your personal preferences. Contact Futurewood now if you want to know more.