Exterior Cladding – Kew Apartments (Cobden St)

Futurewood number one choice for Innova Townhouses external cladding requirements.

In a win for Futurewood, Futurewood products were exclusively chosen to replace the external cladding of Innova Townhouses in Kew, Victoria.

Initial plans for the townhouses featured rainforest timber as exterior cladding of choice. However, although beautiful, the costs and ongoing effort associated with maintaining the timber cladding left only one option for developers – Futurewood wood plastic composite.

Wood composite plastic a leading substitute for timber external (exterior) cladding.

Consider this: if the townhouses had been constructed using timber as external cladding for the windows, balconies and fences, the level of upkeep would be insurmountable.

We aren’t just talking about sanding and oiling on an occasional basis – a cherry picker would be tasked with, at the very least, annual upkeep of a very complex external structure. Consideration was also given to the residents within the area who would be faced with round the clock disruption as work on the external cladding was executed.

The challenges: What they were and how they were overcome in implementing Futurewood’s exterior cladding.

Prior to building, there was concern that the project would be held up for an extended period of time. Surpassing expectations, Futurewood worked closely with Ducon Construction to tailor make an excellent external cladding solution that featured a custom colour and finish that met both the architects and developers’ vision for the townhouses. New designs were drawn up, tooling made and the finished external cladding delivered to the site in only a matter of a few short months.

Perhaps most important to note was just how well received the external cladding itself was in terms of aesthetics. Timber arguably holds a leading reputation as a building material of choice, and that in its self is realistically difficult to compete with. For there to be an alternative solution that promises a very similar look and feel to timber, without sacrifice of quality, is a really exciting development for both architects, developers and those looking for an alternative to, though beautiful – a notoriously troublesome building material!

Futurewood products contribute positively towards the environment.

The complete Futurewood product range includes weather resistant and decorative cladding, fencing, decking and slatting, all made from 90% recycled wood plastic composite material – meaning Futurewood products remain a leading sustainable alternative and positive initiative for those looking to make mindful choices when it comes to renovating or building property.

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