Landscape Design – Tips and Tricks

Not all of us can afford a landscape designer but most of us still have the great Australian dream of having our own piece of earth to call home.

But we are not content to leave the earth bare and why would you, trees and flowers and lawn all enhance the place we call home.  Designing a garden though, can be as daunting as designing the home it will surround.  There are some simple guidelines.

First you need to live in the space for a time to see where the sun is during the day, which areas are in shade, where the wind blows as this will determine what can be planted where and where you would establish your outdoor living area.

Once you have an idea of the environmental issues, you then need to decide how you will use the garden and this will be determined by factors such as, do you have children and/or pets?  Do you want a swimming pool or spa?  Do you want a vegetable garden and fruit trees?

Don’t think you can do it all in a day, or even a weekend, unless you have a tiny courtyard or balcony to call your garden, it will take time and effort.  Just remember reality TV uses time lapse photography, a team of people who no doubt work on an area for several weeks, not just the couple of hours of the show.

Having specific area to focus on first is a good idea and then build from there.  It may be a fountain, an outdoor living area or the pool. Whatever the focus is, establish that and spread out from there.

Then there are the ongoing maintenance issues.  Ideally low maintenance options are the goal.  Among the low maintenance options such as native plants and no grass, there is EnviroSlat garden edging.

EnviroSlat garden edging is suitable for –

  • Lawn edging
  • Garden paths
  • Tree surrounds
  • Pond edging

The time saving benefits to consider are –

  • It is easy to install
  • Very easy to shape to your design, and
  • No special tools are required

Considering it is also termite resistant, won’t rot and is an ecological alternative to using rainforest timber edging, you know you have an ideal component of your landscaping already in the bag.

When it comes to sorting out your perfect and maintenance free edging product, come to Futurewood. When it comes to working out your landscape design, good luck!