Composite Cladding Maintenance Tips

One of the most highly sought after cladding material for both residential and commercial building is composite wood. This modern infrastructure item will not only prettify establishments but also weatherproof and support the framework of the structure where it is installed. Composite wood is extremely durable and less likely to absorb water.

Nearly all kinds of composite cladding offered in the market today require minimal maintenance. If they do, it will just be a simple wash to further enhance its longevity. Nearly all cladding variations can stand up against all kinds of chemical materials, so there’s really no need to worry if you use a new kind of cleaning solution. It is easy to maintain and clean different kinds of cladding. If you wish to guarantee that your larch timber cladding is always in pristine condition then you have to maintain the radiance of your composite cladding.

A lot of people hesitate when it comes to the maintenance of their larch timber cladding fitted in their homes because they believe that they don’t have to. You have the option to go DIY with the cleaning task if you are on a shoestring budget. If you don’t have the time, skills, or tools to get this job done then you need to hire a local cleaning expert.

Basic Maintenance Methods

Cleaning and maintenance of any range of composite cladding including larch timber cladding, exterior timber cladding for sheds, and pre-painted cladding does not really require the use of specialized cleaning tools, solutions, or methods. Provided below are a few tips to help you keep your composite wood cladding in an almost new condition at all times.

–    You can use a standard cleaning agent when cleaning different kinds of cladding that are used on the exterior of your home or building. Put two cups of your cleaning solution in a bucket full of water. Experts recommend that you use a soft cloth when cleaning the panels because it lessens the risk of scratching. There are also those who advice that you use ladders so you can easily reach hard to clean areas and corners.

–    Any sign of stain like grease or oil must be removed right away because it will affect the cladding’s surface negatively. Don’t let any kind of stain sit on your cladding panels for a long time because once it gets soaked in, you will find it hard to remove it. It is a good idea to get rid of unintended paint from your larch timber cladding as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check the cladding panel’s manufacturer’s instruction manual about the best cleaning methods to use.

–    Composite wood and larch timber cladding were designed to withstand the harsh weather condition. But it does mean that it can resist the effects of strong alkalis and solvents. Using any hard solutions is not recommended especially those that may cause cracking and entry of moisture into the inner workings of the cladding and the home or building itself.

–    If you plan to do some renovation, be sure to cover your cladding so they do not get stained. Several manufacturers recommend that clients who installed larch timber cladding and composite wood cladding to not avoid using any form of pesticide near the material because the chemicals that they contain may negatively affect the color of the cladding’s surface.

–    You can preserve the luster of your composite wood cladding by using various kinds of oils, waxes, and polishes. Not only will you be preserving its beauty but you will also increase its weatherproofing property. However, be sure to prefer quality materials than substandard ones. The latter may save you a quick buck at first but you might end up having to spend more later on because of the problems that they bring later on.

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