Modern House Cladding Ideas You Need To Know

Cladding performs a lot of functions in a home. It offers protection against varying weather conditions. It also one good way to make your home’s exterior beautiful and unique. When it comes to the available exterior house cladding products, you are spoilt with options. Provided below are some modern house cladding ideas that are in vogue as of the moment. If you want to know more about the best house cladding ideas, don’t hesitate to contact your cladding specialist like Futurewood.

Use Different Materials or Colours

Among the trendy external timber cladding ideas in 2018 involve the combination of various materials. A lot of homeowners, designers, and builders use at least two different cladding materials on their home or building’s exterior. Making use of different cladding options can assist in breaking up large expanse and in defining different areas in your house, which will result in a home that will be filled a lot of personality.

Using one cladding material with varying colour on the exterior walls of the home is also growing in popularity. You can use dark grey and lighter grey boards or mix light cream panels with burgundy panels.

Natural Stone

When it comes to amazing visual interest, unmatched sophistication, and impeccable beauty, natural stone is always on top of the list of cladding materials. Natural stone can improve your home’s exterior immensely. Several new house cladding ideas and style use dark-hued stone cladding and accentuate it with bright coloured florals or window and door paint. In case you don’t want the entire exterior of your home to be covered with natural stone, you always have the option to install the natural stone cladding in a certain area of your home’s exterior.


Glass is also among the best materials used for modern house cladding ideas today and other home renovations. Although it is not suitable for the entire house, it is a wonderful option for entertainment areas like pergolas and patios.

Composite Wood

Cladding made of composite wood has been growing in popularity in the past few years because of its ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. Composite wood or wood plastic composites made its entry in the building industry during the 1990s and since then it has become the favorite of regular homeowners and builders alike.

They are made of recycled materials like hardwood waste and used plastics along with preservatives, pigments, and UV inhibitors. It is such a diverse material and you should consider using it for your cladding project because of various reasons.

Safety – compared to the typical decking material, composite wood is not prone to slipping and splintering. It also does not require the use of screws or nails.

Upkeep – composite wood is made of waste wood, plastic, and cellulose fiber. Because of that, it only needs occasional maintenance and cleaning. It also does not need to stain, paint, or seal the cladding panels.

Durability – Although traditional wood looks very appealing, this type of material cannot stand up against varying weather conditions. If exposed to heat and rain, the boards can warp and fade. But with composite wood, you don’t have to worry about mold growth, splintering, rotting, and making a negative impact on the environment. It will last for a long time and is not at risk of cracking or disintegrating due to being overly exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Composite cladding can last for up to three decades compared to traditional wood, which can last only for two decades with regular maintenance.

Design – Composite wood is among the best materials for modern house cladding ideas because it can offer a smart and contemporary feel. It is not just visually appealing but it can also mimic the rustic appeal of conventional wood. It is available in different designs, colours, and textures.