What Makes Modern Timber Clad Houses Great?

Timber cladding is the best solution when it comes to developing a contemporary and stylish building or home. This type of material is sustainable and offers various economic as well as environmental advantages. Its versatility, as well as its ability to make a home or building unique, is among the many reasons why builders, architects, and homeowners love timber cladding.

The Features

The beauty of a contemporary timber cladding is its diversity and versatility. You have lots of options to choose from if your goal is to have a home that looks like some of the best modern timber clad houses these days. A specific timber species as well the cladding style may work better on a certain type of project but of course, it will also depend on the building or home’s architectural design.

Your limit in using this material is only your imagination since you can choose from different options. As a consequence, timber cladding remains to be among the most popular options for Australian building projects, both commercial and modern timber clad houses, because of its usefulness.

There are many ways to use timber cladding. If you are looking for an innovative and creative material, timber cladding should be your top choice. You can choose from a variety of profiles from shiplap timber cladding, loglap timber cladding to tongue and groove. Unlike all the other building materials, you can easily transform your vision into reality.

Contact an expert like Futurewood if you are considering the use of this material so you can enjoy the beauty and functionality that other homeowners experience with their well designed modern timber clad houses. An expert team can provide you with appropriate recommendations on which species will be suitable for your new timber cladding project. Each timber species has their own set of properties and characteristics that can assist you in providing additional benefits for your project.

Traditional Vs. Modern Timber Cladding

Even though traditional timber cladding can offer you stunning character and visuals to any building, they may not be able to provide the same level of durability and properties as modern timber cladding like those made from composite wood. When it comes to using any kind of material for external projects, you need to make sure that they work as expected and that they stand up to the elements. We acknowledge the fact that traditional timber has always been the primary material for cladding projects. But with its problem with rot and weathering, it may not give you the results that you had hoped for especially if you don’t have the time for regular maintenance.

Timber cladding can be used for a range of interior and exterior purposes. For external timber cladding, materials like composite wood is a durable and flexible option that can offer a wonderful finish. With timber cladding, you can create a façade for your house that shows off its true character. It can even be used to design your home’s exterior in such a way that it complements its local surroundings while maintaining the privacy you need. It can be used to showcase unique patterns and shapes that are quite difficult to achieve using other materials.

Aside from being a great material to create modern timber clad houses, it also works well with other materials. It can be used in conjunction with brink, glass, rock, and stone. Whether you plan to use this material for an interior or exterior project, it is a fact that timber cladding can be integrated into a building in countless ways. You can opt for vertical cladding or horizontal cladding. You can go for distinct and sharp signs or blended and subtle curves. You will have full control over what you want to create.