Saving the rainforests… one length of Futurewood at a time

The biodiversity in rainforests is incredible. Literally millions of plant and animal species depend on these ecosystems to survive and thrive.

The greatest threat to these fragile environments is… Us. Human industry and consumption is responsible for the wholesale destruction of vast swathes of rainforest and the consequences of clearing these valuable regions goes well beyond the forests in which the logging takes place.

Logging companies are stripping rainforests of trees far more rapidly than they can regenerate. Where there is a demand, there will always be supply and only we can collectively stem the destruction.

The problems of deforestation have a tendency to compound and multiply. Deforested areas are unable to soak up as much carbon as they would in their natural state, clear felled land loses the ability to absorb water, vital nutrients are swept away and land is eroded. Trucks, chainsaws, pesticides and fertilisers all pollute the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in further devastation.

In Australia, some of our greatest natural assets are under threat from clear felling and deforestation. Every state has experienced significant forest losses, notably Queensland’s once pristine tropical rainforests. Recently, Tasmania’s World Heritage listed old growth rainforests have recently come under threat from logging interests.

The nation’s backyard may be under threat, but it is in our own that we can make a difference. Making environmentally responsible consumer choices when making additions to our homes is one important way we can contribute to saving rainforests and lessening the human impact on the world.

Futurewood are committed to making a difference. Helping protect the environment while providing you with sustainable and affordable timber alternatives has always been extremely important to us. Our range of decking, fencing, cladding and edging options stay true to these principles and we take pride in helping you help the environment.

Beyond supplying environmentally friendly timber alternatives throughout Australia, Futurewood are also proud supporters of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). We recognise the incredibly valuable work they do for global conservation, helping endangered animals such as orangutans and protecting vital ecosystems.

We encourage you to think globally and act locally. Use Futurewood products to reinvigorate your own living environment while sustaining others beyond your fence.

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