Stage 2 of Ergo Apartments’ construction to be completed w/ EnviroSlat Cladding

For its history and reputation as a beautiful, reliable material, timber continued to showcase its faults throughout the construction of the apartments, which is why for stage 2 of construction, Futurewood EnviroSlat 156mm Weatherproof Cladding was chosen to complete the project.

On-going maintenance, expensive oiling or staining and the practicality of ongoing upkeep are factors often considered too late in the construction process, leaving unsatisfied owners to deal with the burden of maintaining property with high upkeep demands – and costs!

With stage 1 of construction of the Ergo Apartments complete, both builders and property owners were looking to proceed with stage 2 of construction – looking for a more cost effective alternative to timber. All parties realised that what they needed was a material that fared well against harsh weather, was easy to maintain, and importantly – was as aesthetically pleasing as the timber it was replacing. Futurewood’s EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof cladding and 70mm EnviroSlat screening were the materials of choice for stage 2 of the construction process. A low maintenance alternative to Kapur timber, the EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding and screening immediately removed the problem of trying to maintain timber against the harsh effects of the weather over time.

In addition to the EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof cladding, stage 2 of the Ergo Apartments’ design included made to order, 184mm wide EnviroSlat boards that complemented the EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof cladding, providing a stunning finish along balcony edges of the Ergo properties. EnviroSlat 70mm screening was also used extensively around the property in conjunction with half height masonary walls to provide a secure feature fence.

The first stage of the Ergo Apartments was completed in October 2013, whilst the second stage of construction, with the 156mm weatherproof EnviroSlat cladding, the 184mm capping boards and the 70mm screening boards all used extensively, was completed in May 2015. Through the use of a reliable timber alternative such as the 156mm EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding, Futurewood has again shown how wood plastic composite alternatives can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their property.

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