The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Composite Cladding

If you’re a homeowner, you would want to choose the right kind of product for your cladding. It’s only normal to choose the best type of materials that requires little to no maintenance. Cheap timber cladding offers all of the major benefits that other cladding products do not have. It’s the ideal option for new builds or renovations. It’s become a sensation among home owners, particularly those that are looking to build modular homes. To know more about composite cladding and why you should choose them, proceed to the article below:

  1. Low maintenance – the common perception about composite cladding is true. They do not require that much maintenance over the course of its use. Composite boards are pre-finished, which means they do not require constant maintenance unlike natural wood. When you buy them, it will look pretty much the same way after 25 years. It won’t really matter much if you don’t maintain the boards for a lengthy duration. They can withstand the elements very well.
  2. They are eco-friendly – when it comes to being eco-friendly, composite cladding is the best way to go. They are often made from recycled materials. The wood fibers that are used typically come from reclaimed wood. This means you don’t need to feel guilty about it. The plastics they normally use are also sourced from recycled materials. This ensures that there are a lot of sustainable timber cladding options. For instance, the regular composite board contains around 37 plastic bottle and around 2 kilograms of reclaimed wood. It’s really a huge deal buying composite cladding since they can help reuse materials that would have otherwise been in landfills somewhere. Not only does it lessen the environmental stress, it also creates a wonderful byproduct which can be used on homes for a very long time.
  3. Composite cladding looks good – although they are not entirely made out of wood, composite cladding can be equally as stunning. They come in a variety of attractive colors that mimics the appearance of natural wood. You would even be fooled into thinking that composite cladding is indeed wood due to the fact that they are designed to replicate wood grain and timber cladding texture among other things. Attaching them is also a breeze. They can be fastened into place using hidden fixes that create a uniform and clean look. Aside from this the boards are not prone to decay. This means you can keep them out in the open without worrying that they will rot over time. They also don’t require any special treatment before usage.
  4. They last longer – with the introduction of different types of plastic, composite cladding is rated to withstand wear and tear for more than 20 years. These boards are often made out of different parts of wooden fibers and specific types of plastic. Combined, they form a composite material that eliminates the problems each individual material would have faced. When it comes to weather resistance, you can be confident that composite cladding will not let you down. This material has a stunning exterior that lets you make the most of your design while keeping build quality at its peak.
  5. Can be used on high BAL rating homes – for those who don’t know, BAL rating is the evaluation given by building inspectors on a particular building. Higher BAL rating means a building is more prone to bushfire problems. Using composite cladding as a protective outer layer can insulate a home or building from fires. This also enables maximum protection, keeping homes and people safe. Aside from a mix of plastic and wood fiber, composites are also imbued with fire retardant materials to reduce the risk of fires.

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