Why Consider Timber Cladding

There are several reasons why you need to consider timber cladding. Apart from offering your home with form and function, vertical timber cladding also acts an envelope that protects your home while making it look naturally beautiful while maintaining your privacy. There are several timber cladding options that were made to adapt to Australia’s harsh weather conditions. They are also designed to offer a durable and long lasting surface for interior and exterior applications.

Timber cladding, whether made of hardwood or composite wood should be considered as a vital part of the overall building design. It will contribute not only to the home’s aesthetics but also its comfort as well as structural performance. Listed below are a few points you need to know:

Design – timber cladding works well in almost all kinds of environment and suits varying styles and personal preferences. A wide variety of contemporary finishes are offered in the market today and offer a lasting and stunning appeal to timber cladding. This makes it easier for homeowners to change the style and color of their home while always being in trend or developing a unique appearance that will suit your taste. Apart from the varying profiles, you can also choose between horizontal and vertical timber cladding, or even a combination of both.

Flexibility – vertical timber cladding can be beneficial when used on sites that experience extreme climate, high winds, highly reactive soils, or earth tremors. This holds true among people who live near the coast where masonry and other similar rigid materials in certain properties are challenged by their close proximity to water. Timber possesses excellent resilience and strength to weight ratio that allows it to withstand stress and movement.

Ecofriendly – the production of timber involves less non-renewable energy. Natural timber also possesses thermal properties, which means it relies less on heating and cooling devices that emit carbon. It is also durable with an above ground life of several decades, which means it requires less energy to maintain, demolish, and installation. It is also recyclable and stores carbon.

Composite Wood For Cladding

If you want to benefit from amazing aesthetics of timber cladding but without having to maintain it regularly, then composite wood might just be what you need. Although this option is not made of real wood, it certainly looks like it. It can be used on the external walls of both new and existing commercial and residential building for its practical functionality and visual aesthetics. If you have come across Futurewood’s exterior cladding products made of composite wood, you will understand the many benefits that it has to offer.

Do you still want to know if composite timber cladding is the right choice for your exterior wall? Here are the other benefits you need to know. Composite wood vertical timber cladding is made from recycled materials, which makes it a green option for individuals who are looking to make an ecofriendly choice. Since it is plastic wood, it does not need intense maintenance efforts, which is required if you use real wood.

It is also easy to install. Aside from doing it yourself, your professional cladding supplier can quickly install the vertical timber cladding panels for you. And if in case for some reason it needs to be repaired, doing so will be easy. Apart from that, it possesses heat and sound insulation properties.

Of course, you cannot just buy any composite wood product for your vertical timber cladding project. You need to contact a reliable supplier like Futurewood. Trustworthy companies usually offer a warranty on their range of products. Just be sure to ask what their policy is about it. Additionally, always check out what their previous clients have to say about the quality of their composite timber cladding before you make a purchase. But this is surely a sound investment if you consider its durability, aesthetics, and minimal maintenance requirements.