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Composite Wood – How, What, Why?

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How does “environmentally sustainable” and “virtually maintenance free” sound? Sound good? Then read on…cleverdeck_43

CleverDeck® satisfies both of these criteria and more.  It is a composite of recycled industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste, wood flour (sawdust) and discarded rice husks.  It may not sound attractive but in this case it is the sound which is deceiving, as it looks very good indeed.

The pluses don’t stop with the looks, other features which will make your purchasing decision easier are;

  • Resistant to termites and white ants – what a bonus in Australia
  • Fully finished and ready to install – you may have your deck done in a day
  • Low maintenance – forget preparing for Winter and refurbishing in Spring
  • No splinters – for those of us who live bare feet in Summer, magic
  • Solid colour never needs painting – all that free time
  • No sap runs or tannin leaching – no ugly staining of the surrounding area
  • Won’t rot – even more free time
  • Low water absorption – no distortion or warping

Composite wood products are engineered to precise design specifications which are tested to meet national or international standards.  All the components are mixed together with a binding agent and then extruded to precise specifications.  When completed they can be delivered straight to the consumer from your local supplier, ready to be installed.

Apart from all the advantages already listed, using materials which would otherwise end up in land fill to produce a practical and attractive product is definitely a factor we should all consider.

Composite wood also helps to protect old growth forests and rainforest timbers by using recycled materials.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, even the most sceptical would understand the benefits of a product which requires low energy in production and produces almost zero emissions.

While the initial cost is probably more than timber, it is the cost of ownership in the long run which is the major benefit.

So now you know the how and the what, why wouldn’t you decide in favour of CleverDeck®?


Alternative Fencing EnviroSlat fencing and screening slats are designed around great value for money, easy installation, superior looks, proven sustainability and low maintenance.

Decking & Cladding CleverDeck, great value, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free decking.

Decorative Landscaping Futurewood is currently developing a number of innovative landscaping products using recycled wood composite materials.

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