Custom Garden Edging
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HS 194
HS 106
T 033
HS 104
GH 15
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GH 8
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B 003

Custom Garden Edging

Futurewood has a range of specialty profiles that can be readily made for custom orders.

Custom Garden Edging/sleepers Product Range
75mm x 8mm solid EnviroSlat board
90mm x 8mm solid EnviroSlat board
135mm x 10mm solid EnviroSlat board
70mm x 15mm solid EnviroSlat board

When products are custom made, you have an almost unlimited choice of colour, finish and board length.

Custom orders take between 6-13 weeks to supply and require a minimum order quantity and a 50% deposit with order.

For larger commercial projects, Futurewood can also work with you on your own custom made design. Custom made dies (tooling) can be made within 30 days from the drawings being signed off. Tooling costs can be amortised across the project or paid for up front.

Call or email Futurewood today to discuss your special project requirements and let’s see if we can help you create something unique!