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Decking with a Conscience

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Environmental concerns are, more than ever before, at the forefront of our lifestyle choices. Individually and collectively we are beginning to realise that most of what we consume comes with a hefty environmental price tag. Sustainable alternatives to the food we eat, energy we use and construction materials we build with are becoming increasingly popular among eco friendly citizens.

sustainable_timber_blogAt Futurewood, we believe in the mantra ‘think global, act local’. Our products enable you to maximise your enjoyment of your outdoor space while we minimise the cost on the environment.

Traditionally, your decking, fencing, cladding and edging came directly from trees in rainforests, adding to the destruction of this vital component of the Earth’s ecosystem. Without rainforests, our oxygen supply is compromised, as are the natural habitats of thousands of animal species.

We recognised the environmental costs of traditional timber and developed an affordable alternative. Not wishing to substitute quality, we designed a composite with the same look and feel of timber, but with several practical improvements.

By supplying you with a long lasting, eco friendly product we aim to make a positive contribution to the environment and sustainable building practices.

Every length of decking counts!


Alternative Fencing EnviroSlat fencing and screening slats are designed around great value for money, easy installation, superior looks, proven sustainability and low maintenance.

Decking & Cladding CleverDeck, great value, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free decking.

Decorative Landscaping Futurewood is currently developing a number of innovative landscaping products using recycled wood composite materials.

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