Original and Xtreme Composite Timber Decking

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No OilingNo Oiling
No RotNo Rot
No WorriesNo Worries
10 Year Warranty10 Year "No Fuss" Warranty*
Futurewood Decking

» 138mm wide solid composite timber decking board
» Easy to clean and stain resistant hard outer shell
» Scratch and fade resistant
» BAL -29 rated
» Comes in 7 vibrant blended colours

Save $124 per/m2 over 10 years* when you buy CleverDeck Composite Timber Decking over hardwood timber.

CleverDeck Xtreme Composite Timber Decking is made from cellulose material (hardwood sawdust ground into a wood flour) and recycled and virgin polyolefin plastic. The CleverDeck Xtreme shell is made from a proprietary combination of virgin polyolefins (plastics), filler, colour pigments and UV inhibitors. CleverDeck Original and the core of CleverDeck Xtreme are made from a combination of waste hardwood sawdust, discarded rice husks and recycled polyolefins (plastics), filler and fungicides.

This combination of materials not only provides uses for recycled and waste materials, it also reduces the need to chop down slow-growing hardwood tree species from our rainforests and it reduces the amount of oils and chemicals needed to rejuvenate and maintain hardwood decking. All in all, buying a CleverDeck instead of hardwood timber is a great environmental outcome that will save you time and money.

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CleverDeck® Original Composite Timber Decking Finishes

This image to the right shows the coarse sanded finish and the indented grain finish*

* Note The grain pattern on the indented grain finish will typically become less evident over the first 6-8 weeks of the board being laid as the scorch mark at the bottom of the indentation disappears/weathers. Also, the indentation itself can gradually reduce over time.

CleverDeck Xtreme® Composite Timber Decking Finishes

This image to the left shows the standard woodgrain finish, the soon to be released, natural coarse texture finish and the custom made, high slip resistance, finish.

Looking For More Colours & Sizes?

Check out our custom range for more information.

Futurewood can supply the existing range in custom made lengths, colours and finishes, as well as a range of speciality profiles. Custom orders take between 6 - 13 weeks to supply and require a minimum order quantity and a 50% deposit with order.

Custom Range
Cost Calculator

The thought process behind the marketing of CleverDeck composite timber decking was to build in value so that consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decking choice will not be financially disadvantaged. Our cost calculator will show you that once you factor in the initial and the ongoing maintenance costs of a common timber deck, choosing CleverDeck composite timber decking will save you money year after year.

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Futurewood® Composite Timber Decking Clip System

CleverDeck Composite Timber Decking boards come with a standard groove on both edges and are designed to be installed with the Futurewood concealed fix deck clip system for an extremely fast (money saving) and completely concealed fix giving your composite timber deck an added touch of class.

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