Exploring the Average 140mm Merbau Decking Price in Australia

Factors Influencing 140mm Merbau Decking Prices

Quality and Grade of 140mm Decking Boards

The quality and grade of Merbau decking play a significant role in determining its price. Merbau decking is available in different grades, with the highest grade being the most expensive due to its superior quality and durability.

Quantity or Length of Product Needed for the Project

The amount of Merbau decking required for a project also affects its price. For instance, if you need 140x19mm Merbau decking, your cost will be proportionate to the size. The larger the project, the more Merbau decking is needed, which translates to higher costs. Also you need to take into consideration that  pre-oiled Merbau decking and grooved Merbau decking prices per m2 are slightly more expensive that the standard charges 140 x 19 Merbau decking.

Delivery Costs and Fees

Delivering the Merbau decking to the project site can add to the overall cost. Some suppliers offer free delivery for large orders, while others charge a fee based on the distance of the delivery location.

Additional Services, such as Installation or Finishing

If you require installation or finishing services, this can also increase the 140 Merbau decking price. Hiring a professional installer or opting for premium finishes can add to the price of Merbau 140 decking boards but can also ensure the longevity and overall look of the decking.

Cost-Saving Tips for Buying 140×19 Merbau Decking

Choosing a Reliable and Affordable Supplier

Look for reputable suppliers that offer high-quality Merbau decking 140×19 at competitive prices. Don’t just settle for the first supplier you come across, do your prior research, compare prices and quality, read customer user and website reviews to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Buy in Bulk to Receive Discounts

If you’re planning a large project, consider buying select grade Merbau decking in bulk to receive discounts from suppliers. Buying in bulk can significantly reduce the cost per board and help you save money.

Shopping for Merbau Decking During Off-Seasons or Sales

Prices for Merbau decking can vary depending on the season and market demand. Consider shopping for decking during off-seasons when prices are likely to be lower. You can also take advantage of sales and promotions offered by suppliers to save money.

Alternatives to Merbau Decking

Treated Pine

Treated pine is a popular option for those on a budget. It is readily available and treated to withstand weather and insects. It is also easy to work with, making it a popular DIY choice.

Cypress Pine

Cypress pine is another affordable option for decking. Its durable and rot-resistant 140mm decking timber makes it popular for outdoor projects.

Spotted Gum

While spotted gum may be slightly more expensive than the other options on this list, it is still more affordable than Merbau decking. It is durable and attractive timber resistant to weather and insects.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is an eco-friendly combination of wood and recycled plastic, offering the look of wood without the high maintenance and cost. It is also resistant to weather and insects, making it durable. It is a beautiful alternative to options like 140mm hardwood decking.

While Merbau decking may be a popular choice, several alternatives offer a similar aesthetic and durability at a more affordable price point. Considering all options and factors before deciding on your decking project is essential.

Maintenance and Lifespan of Decking Materials

Merbau Decking Maintenance

Merbau decking requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and natural beauty. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the deck, resealing it periodically, and checking for any signs of wear or damage. By performing these tasks, you can extend the life of your Merbau deck and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Treated Pine Maintenance

Treated pine decking requires less maintenance than Merbau, but it still needs some attention to maintain its appearance and durability. Regular cleaning, sealing, and staining are necessary to protect the timber and maintain its colour. If properly maintained, treated pine decks can last for many years.

Cypress Pine Maintenance

Cypress pine decking is low maintenance compared to other decking materials. It is naturally resistant to rot and termites and doesn’t require chemical treatments. However, regular cleaning and sealing are still necessary to keep the deck in good condition and extend its lifespan.

Spotted Gum Maintenance

Spotted gum is another low-maintenance decking option. Its natural durability and resistance to termites and decay make it a long-lasting choice. Cleaning the deck regularly and applying a suitable oil or stain as needed is essential to maintain its appearance.

Composite Decking Maintenance

Composite decking is the lowest maintenance option among these materials. It doesn’t require staining or sealing, and its colour remains consistent. Regular cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to maintain its appearance. Composite decks can last for decades with minimal upkeep.

Environmental Considerations of Decking Materials

Merbau Decking and Sustainability

One of the concerns surrounding Merbau decking is its impact on the environment. Merbau is a tropical hardwood; harvesting it can contribute to deforestation and habitat loss. However, choosing sustainably sourced Merbau with certification from organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) can help mitigate these concerns.

Sustainable Alternatives to Merbau

In addition to Merbau, other decking materials offer sustainable options. Treated pine, cypress pine, and spotted gum are all sourced from well-managed forests in Australia, making them environmentally friendly choices. Composite decking, made from recycled materials, is another eco-friendly option.

Final Thoughts on Decking Materials and Prices

When choosing a decking material, it’s essential to consider factors such as price, durability, maintenance, and environmental impact. Merbau decking is popular due to its durability and attractive appearance, but it can be more expensive than alternative materials.

By understanding the factors that affect the price of 140mm Merbau decking and considering other materials, you can make an informed decision and stay within your budget while creating a beautiful outdoor surface.