Composite Decking

In Bonython, composite decking is reshaping outdoor living. The durability and style of this man-made wood-plastic blend adds a contemporary touch to decks. The homeowners love the fact that they do not have to worry about splinters and slips.

Composite Decking: Advantages

Composite decking has many advantages over traditional wood decking. These include unmatched durability, longevity, low maintenance, and resistance to fading and staining.

It is also a cost-effective and sustainable decking option, compared to the expensive timber.

Durability and longevity unmatched

Composite timber decking offers a cost-effective alternative to timber, while also bringing durability and longevity. These decks are made of man-made materials that can withstand years of rain, sun and foot traffic.

The decks are much more durable because they don’t rot or splinter like wood. Your deck will continue to look beautiful year after year, with little or no signs of ageing.

Minimum Maintenance Required

Composite timber decking will save you from the back-breaking work of maintenance. Composite decking is built to last, without the constant maintenance that wood requires. It will never need to be painted or stained.

A simple cleaning every now and again will keep it looking fantastic. Spend more time relaxing and less time working on your deck.

Resistant to Fading and Stains

The composite decking in Bonython is resistant to the harsh Australian sunlight. Decks will remain looking brand new for many years. No spills or messes will be a problem.

When accidents happen, your deck will not stain. Your deck will stay clean and fresh with a simple wipe.

Picture of a composite deck boards featuring a table and chairs for outdoor relaxation in Bonython

Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions

Wood plastic composite deck are not only resistant to fading and staining, but also a great choice for outdoor spaces. These decks combine wood with recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option to cutting down trees.

The same look and feel as real wood without damaging the environment. It means less waste on landfills, and more trees for our forests.

Composite Decking Products

Canberra decking boards range includes BAL 29-rated decking as well as cutting-edge coextrusion decking. We also offer a wide variety of decking accessory options and a selection of colours and styles that will suit any outdoor area.

Bush Fire Attack Level 29 Rated Decking

Decking with Bush Fire Attack Level 29 (BAL 29) is essential for the safety of your home, especially if you live in an area prone to bushfires. It is more resistant to embers and high temperatures than other materials. BAL 29 composite decking gives you peace of mind in the fire season.

Futurewood’s BAL 29 decking offers superior protection and looks great. It is made from durable, wood-plastic composites that are sustainable. They do not warp or rot like regular timber.

Cutting-Edge Coextrusion Decking

The latest innovation in composite decking is co-extrusion. The boards are protected by a protective layer that wraps around them, providing extra protection against the elements. Your deck will resist fading and stains better than ever.

Co-extruded boards are vibrant and durable year after year. These boards are perfect for families who have children and pets as they can handle a lot of use without wearing out. These decks will not cause you to slip or get splinters. They are also smooth and safe.

Photo of a pool and a deck made of composite decking boards in Bonython

Decking Accessories

In the world of Bonython we offer a wide range of deck installation products that cater to a variety of needs. We have dozens of clip options, from starters to elegant finishers, to deck clips with blackened screws. If you want to maintain the perfect condition of your deck consider using our specially formulated Composite Wood Cleaner. This solution is designed to protect your investment and ensure the beauty of your deck for many years to come. Our Composite Timber Cleaner is available in 1-litre and 4-litre sizes, making it a convenient way to maintain your Bonython Deck.

Decking in a variety of colours and styles

Futurewood offers a variety of composite decking options that are tailored to suit your needs, whether you prefer the natural beauty of wood or a contemporary look. Our composite timber is available in single and co-extrusion variants, with a range of up to thirteen standard colours as well as bespoke options. Use our Colour Explorer to explore our product range and see the impact of the finish you choose. Futurewood’s composite decking is adaptable, allowing you to create a deck that is tailored to your unique style.

Futurewood: Your top choice

Futurewood offers a wide range of composite decking that is high-quality and reliable, as well as sustainable. Read on to learn why Futurewood is the best option for your decking requirements.

Wide Range of High-Quality Products

Futurewood provides a range of composite decking that is high quality and reliable. Our composite decking is made of a combination wood and plastic materials to ensure durability and long-term use.

Our decks are made with innovative co-extrusion technologies that provide unmatched resistance to fading and stains. They also resist mould growth and warping. Our decking is rated Bush Fire Attack Level 29 (BAL29) to ensure safety in areas prone to fire.

Picture of a scenic walkway in Bonython made with composite decking boards

Commitment to sustainability

Futurewood is dedicated to sustainability. Our composite decking is made of recycled materials. This reduces the need for virgin wood and minimises waste. Our eco-friendly decking products are designed to help create a more sustainable environment, while also providing durable and long lasting outdoor decking.

Futurewood composite decks are not only a superior alternative to traditional wood, but they also offer an environmentally friendly option for your outdoor space.

Explore our composite decking range, which offers versatility and durability in a variety of outdoor applications.

Decking Calculator

Futurewood offers a decking calculator that is both practical and easy to use. This deck quote tool will allow you to estimate the amount of materials needed for your composite decking, including screws, clips and boards.

The calculator will calculate the exact bill of material based on your needs by entering details such as deck dimensions and board orientation. This handy tool allows you to plan and budget your decking project efficiently, while getting exactly what you need – nothing less.

Australian Owned

Futurewood is proud to be an Australian company. We are committed to supplying high-quality composite decking that meets Australian standards. We are committed to sustainability, ensuring that the manufacturing processes and materials we use have minimal environmental impact.

Futurewood is a locally owned business that offers top-quality composite decking products designed specifically for Australian weather and lifestyle.

Picture of a deck with a glass railing, made of composite decking boards in Bonython

Bonython ACT 2905 – More Information

Bonython is a beautiful suburb in the Australian Capital Territory. It combines residential charm and convenient access. Bonython is located in the southern part Canberra and boasts a mixture of modern residences with green spaces. This creates a pleasant, family-friendly atmosphere. 

Map of Bonython ACT

Bonython Statistics

Coordinates:  35°25′52″S 149°04′55″E

Population: 3,839 (2021 census)[1]

* Density: 1,324/km2 (3430/sq. mi.

Established: 1989

Gazetted: 17 October 1986

Postcode: 2905

Area: 2.9 km2 (1.1 sq mi)

District: Tuggeranong

Territory Electorate Brindabella

Federal Division: Bean

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