Composite Decking

So, we’re talking about composite decking. It’s like the superhero of decking boards. Imagine combining the powers of timber and plastic—bam! That’s what you get with composite timber decking.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite timber decking lasts longer and needs less upkeep, making it a durable and low-maintenance option. It also resists fading and staining while being eco-friendly.

Durability and Longevity

Decking Canberra isn’t just a pretty face, folks. It’s built to last. Think of it as the superhero of outdoor flooring – tough against the elements and always ready for action. We’ve seen it all: rain, sun, even those surprise hail storms that seem to come out of nowhere.

Low Maintenance

We all love a garden deck, but who’s keen on the endless staining, painting, and fixing? Not us! That’s where our composite decking steps in. It practically takes care of itself. You won’t need to spend your weekends with a paintbrush or worry about rot setting in.

Just a simple wash down now and then keeps it looking as good as new.

Picture of composite decking boards on a deck with steps leading to a pool in Hawker

Fade and Stain Resistance

So, after talking about how easy to keep our decks look fresh, let’s dive into another amazing thing. Our composite timber decking boards won’t fade or get stained easily. That means the morning coffee spill or that summer BBQ sauce mishap? No worries! It’s like our decks have a superpower against messes and the harsh Aussie sun.

Environmentally Friendly

Oh, and let’s talk about being friends with the Earth, shall we? Our composite decking is like giving Mother Nature a big hug. We use recycled materials to make our decks. That means fewer trees get chopped down and less junk ends up in landfills.

Our Composite Decking Products

Check out our range of composite decking products – from co-extrusion decking to a variety of colours and styles. Read more about them on our website!

Co-extrusion Decking

So, let’s dive straight into co-extrusion decking. Imagine wrapping your deck in a super-protective layer, almost like it’s wearing armour. That’s what we’re talking about here. This process involves covering the core of the deck board with a sturdy outer layer.

Featuring a solar panel on a deck made up of composite decking boards in Hawker

Decking Resources

Explore our all-in-one decking solutions, featuring a range of clips including starter, finisher, and standard deck clips with durable blackened screws. We also provide self-drilling locking clips for metal decks and breaker board clips. Keep your deck pristine with our Composite Timber Cleaner, available in 1-litre and 4-litre sizes, guaranteeing your deck’s enduring beauty.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

After diving into the decking resources, it’s crucial we chat about our BAL 29 decking. Yep, that’s right – our BAL 29 composite timber decking boards comes with a Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 rating.

Decking Colours and Styles

Futurewood offers a diverse selection of composite decking in British English, tailored for those seeking a classic wood look or a modern touch. Our range includes both single and co-extrusion types, available in up to 13 standard hues and custom colours. Use our Colour Explorer tool to preview your chosen finish. With Futurewood, easily create a custom deck that complements your home’s unique aesthetic.

Why Choose Futurewood

You’ll love our products – they’re high-quality and reliable. We’re committed to sustainability and proudly Australian-owned.

Image of outdoor space in Hawker with composite decking boards, pool and lawn

Our Products are High-Quality and Reliable

Our composite decking products are designed with a focus on high-quality and reliability. We use premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure our decking is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to fading and stains.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is crucial to us. We focus on eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that our composite decking minimises environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability means using recycled materials in our products, reducing waste, and conserving natural resources.

Australian Ownership

We take pride in our Australian ownership, reflecting a commitment to local craftsmanship and quality. Our deep connection to the land we call home drives us to create sustainable products that meet the needs of Australian consumers.

Decking Calculator

The Decking Calculator provides an instant online tool for easy decking project estimates. Just input your deck size, choose materials and styles, and hit ‘Calculate’ for a quick material and cost breakdown. Our instant estimate tool offers customisation and delivers accurate, professional planning results. Always available, it simplifies and accelerates the planning process.

Image of a walkway made of composite deck boards in Hawker featuring a railing

Some More Details About Hawker – ACT 2614

Hawker, situated in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is a serene suburban community renowned for its peaceful ambience and proximity to Canberra’s city centre. 

Map of Hawker ACT

Hawker Statistics

Coordinates: 35°14′38″S 149°02′17″E

Population: 3,008 (SAL 2021)

Established: 1972

Postcode: 2614

Area: 1.9 km2 (0.7 sq mi)

District: Belconnen

Territory Electorate: Ginninderra

Federal Division: Canberra

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If you want a durable, low-maintenance deck that looks great and is environmentally friendly, look no further than our composite decking products. 

With high-quality products, sustainability commitment, Australian ownership, and a handy instant estimate deck calculator – Futurewood has got you covered. Reach out to us today and let’s build the perfect deck for your home!