Tips on How to Pick A Good Composite Deck

While wood is the staple material for making decking for the last couple of decades, composite wood is starting to become a new trend. The revolutionary material is becoming a huge hit in the industry. There are also a lot of plastic wood materials that are function similarly to composite wood and co-extrusion timber. Whatever your needs may be, there will always be a perfect type of material for your awesome deck designs. Here are a few questions that you need to answer when searching for the right material for building outdoor decks:


  1. Will this fit my budget? – The very first thing that you need to consider is your budget. Before you run wild with your deck and hot tub designs, you might want to take a closer look at your budget and see what materials are the right fit. The prices for composite decking in 2018 varies per supplier but plays in the somewhere in the range between $3 and $7. If you’re on a tight budget, you can skip the more expensive ones and just go with the more basic designs. Although not as appealing as high-end ones, basic can get you a long way. And your design will have a lot of impact on it anyway, so you don’t need to worry.


  1. Will your decking be in direct sunlight? – One thing that a lot of people don’t realize (and probably the most overlooked) is that the color and your decking go hand in hand when it comes to enjoying your day out in the open. Dark colored decking soaks up a lot of heat when under direct sunlight. If you’re planning on a hot and humid afternoon on your deck, you can go for darker colors. But if you want to keep it cool, you could try to find lighter colors that blends well with the surroundings. Don’t forget to factor in your needed privacy when you use the deck. Contact an expert if you need further assistance.


  1. Do you want to go rustic or refined? – One particular factor why people opt to use composite wood or co-extrusion timber for their back deck design ideas is its versatility. You can choose from a wide range of designs that could either be simple to pretty complicated. Pricier composites tend to look amazing, but that does not mean cheaper counterparts aren’t worth buying. Again, your budget is a huge determining factor on which type of composite you end up buying to create your deck.


  1. Will the decking be used in damp environments? – Since composite wood is not susceptible to the elements like wood, it can be subjected to the harshest weather without worry. However, you will want to choose a design that has a non-slip surface if you are planning on using it in a damp environment, say near a pool. You don’t need to worry about the decking going bad, though. All you need it to have enough grit to keep you and your family from slipping.


  1. Exposed or hidden fasteners? – Fasteners are very important. Although you almost don’t see them, they are crucial for your composite deck. There are two types of fasteners that you can find. One is the exposed type. Now, you can find different designs for exposed fasteners but with the same concept. The same can be said for hidden fasteners. Either way, fasteners are used to secure the composite decking in place. Using on style from the other is completely subjective and which design best suits your preference. Each of the design works as intended. If you want to have a clean look, go for the hidden type. If you do, however, want to see how all of the connections are made, you can go for the exposed ones.