Everything You Need to Know About Blackbutt Decking in Australia

Australian blackbutt decking is a popular and quality versatile option if you’re considering adding a new deck to your home or business. This durable and eco-friendly decking material is known for its natural beauty, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to rot and termites. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about black butt decking, including its sizes, prices, and benefits, to help you decide if it meets your decking needs.

What is a blackbutt deck? 

Blackbutt decking timber is a type of decking material made from the Blackbutt tree’s timber, typically grown in the coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales. Blackbutt wood is known for its durability, resistance to rot and termites, and attractive natural appearance, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial decking projects.

Benefits of blackbutt decking timber

Black butt timber decking offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice for decking projects here in Australia. Some of the key benefits of a black butt timber deck include the following:

Durability and resistance to rot and termites: 

A Black butt deck is naturally durable and resistant to decay and insect damage, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments exposed to the elements.

Aesthetic appeal and natural look: 

Blackbutt decking boards have a natural look that complements a wide range of architectural styles and landscapes. The wood features a warm, golden-brown colour with a straight grain and even texture, giving it an elegant and timeless appearance.

Low maintenance requirements: 

Blackbutt hardwood decking requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking good over time. Regular cleaning and periodic sealing can help protect the wood from weathering and staining; otherwise, the wood is relatively low-maintenance.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness: 

Blackbutt trees are commonly grown and harvested in Australia for commercial use, making Blackbutt Decking a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for decking projects.

Versatility and ease of use: 

Decking Blackbutt has great quality and is easy to work with. And can be cut, sanded, and finished to suit various decking designs and styles. It can also be used for various outdoor projects beyond decking, such as furniture, landscaping and flooring.

Blackbutt Decking Sizes and Prices in Australia 

Blackbutt timber is a hardwood species that is native to the east coast of Australia, and it is known for its dense, hard-wearing characteristics that make it an ideal choice for decking and flooring. Here’s a quick overview of blackbutt decking prices and sizes.

The standard Blackbutt decking sizes and dimensions are:

  • Width: 86mm, 130mm, 90mm blackbutt decking
  • Thickness: 19mm, 32mm blackbutt decking
  • Length: 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m blackbutt decking

These sizes and dimensions are widely available across Australia, and they are suitable for a range of outdoor decking projects, from residential to commercial.

Comparison of Prices for Different Sizes and Grades of Blackbutt Decking:

Blackbutt timber decking can vary depending on the size, grade, location, availability, and demand. Generally, the thicker and wider the decking board, the higher the price. 

The grade of the timber also affects the price, with higher-grade timber being more expensive than lower-grade timber. Here is a comparison of Blackbutt decking price per m2 in Australia:

  • 86mm x 19mm Standard Grade Blackbutt Decking: $44.12 to $52.94 per square meter
  • 86mm x 19mm Select Grade Blackbutt Decking: $50.00 to $58.82 per square meter
  • 130mm x 19mm Standard Grade Blackbutt Decking: $32.79 to $39.34 per square meter
  • 130mm x 19mm Select Grade Blackbutt Decking: $35.48 to $42.35 per square meter
  • 86mm x 32mm Standard Grade Blackbutt Decking: $29.30 to $33.09 per square meter
  • 86mm x 32mm Select Grade Blackbutt Decking: $31.37 to $35.29 per square meter
  • 130mm x 32mm Standard Grade Blackbutt Decking: $34.88 to $39.22 per square meter
  • 130mm x 32mm Select Grade Blackbutt Decking: $35.71 to $41.18 per square meter

Several factors can affect Blackbutt timber decking prices, including:


All though blackbutt deck timber is a nationwide timber the cost of Blackbutt decking products can vary depending on where you live. For example, if you live in a remote area, the delivery cost may be higher, which can increase the price of your Blackbutt timber deck.


Blackbutt timber is a popular hardwood choice of product for decking, but it may not always be readily available. If the supply is limited, the price of Blackbutt decking may increase.


The demand for Blackbutt timber decking can also affect the price. If there is high demand, the price may be higher, while if there is low demand, the price may be lower.


The grade can also affect Blackbutt decking timber prices. Higher-grade timber is more expensive than lower-grade timber.


The size of the Blackbutt outdoor decking board can also affect the price. Generally, the thicker and wider the board, the higher the price.

Alternatives To Blackbutt Decking

If you are not keen on Blackbutt decking, there are other wood options available. Spotted gum is a robust and long-lasting option that offers a variety of colours, ranging from light to dark shades of brown. Jarrah is a darker wood that is highly resistant to decay and rot, making it ideal for outdoor use. 

Merbau is also a popular choice, as it is a sturdy and dense wood that can withstand insects and decay. However, it is worth noting that these natural wood options require regular maintenance to prevent deterioration.

On the other hand, composite decking is a highly recommended alternative that offers low-maintenance and long-lasting durability. Comprised of a blend of wood fibres and plastic, composite decking is resistant to rot, decay, insects, and fading. 

Unlike natural wood, it does not require staining, sealing, or treating, making it both an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. Composite decking is available in a range of colours and styles, allowing homeowners to achieve the desired look without sacrificing durability and longevity.