All That You Need To Know About Blackbutt Timber Decking

Apart from Merbau and treated pine, Blackbutt is one of the most common hardwood species used for Australian decking projects. It is grown in the coastal forests of southern Queensland and New South Wales. It also goes by the name Eucalyptus pilularis, Pink Blackbutt, and Coastal Blackbutt. Its popularity can be attributed to its quick growth and regeneration properties. Blackbutt trees can grow as tall as 50 meters and they are resistant to bushfires.

Important Properties

Plantation Blackbutt usually has an even colour, grain, and texture. But it’s quite different for wild blackbutt because it has more variation. Its heartwood ranges from pale brown to golden yellow while the sapwood has a paler hue. It is also a very dense hardwood which makes it naturally resistant to termite infestation.

Generally speaking, blackbutt has a straight grain, although it may interlock sometimes. This characteristic makes this kind of hardwood decking timber a famous choice for projects that involve flooring and joinery. Blackbutt provides a unique appearance that other types of hardwood cannot provide.

However, you might have problems when painting if you don’t oil or stain blackbutt. But this won’t be a problem to your deck because this kind of wood accepts polishing and staining very well. You might have problems when using adhesives because it has a high level of extractiveness. But you can avoid this if you use stainless screws to fix the decking boards.

Common Applications

Blackbutt is a popular choice for several structural, interior, and exterior applications. Apart from decking, it can also be used for furniture, framework, and cladding. Australians living in bushfire areas also favor this kind of hardwood.

So, why should you use blackbutt timber decking for your project and not turpentine timber decking, spotted gum timber decking, or kwila timber decking? If you are looking for a material that is both strong and durable, then this type of hardwood is the right one for you. Your deck will definitely be able to stand the test of time and be able to take on Australia’s varying weather conditions. In terms of its aesthetics, blackbutt is also pleasing to the eye. It has an even texture and straight grain. These characteristics make blackbutt timber decking the perfect choice for your project. You can live your dream and have the outdoor deck that you have always wanted. You can use this spot in your home to relax after a hectic day or entertain guests.

Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t lay the decking boards the wrong way up. There are stories circulating that laying the decking boards with the ride side up will reduce the risks of slipping. This is not true and will just bring you more problems instead. If you do this, you will be allowing moisture and mildew to accumulate in the ridges. It will prevent the boards from breathing and therefore shortening the life of your deck due to premature wood rotting.

Be sure to use the right fixings and never miss the gaps. The space between the decking boards vary but the average gap between the boards is between 4 and 6mm. Don’t forget to get the permission of the council. Even though this will be based on where you live, you must check if you need to obtain a permit before building your deck.

In terms of its maintenance, oiling and washing down your deck annually will assist in significantly extending the lifespan of your decking boards. Don’t be like other people who wait until their decks look worn out before they decide to recoat it because they believe that it is a cumbersome job.

A Better Alternative

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