I can’t believe it’s not timber

Timber has long been a construction mainstay and its inherent beauty is unchanged today.

What has changed though, is the environmental conscience of the global community.

Logging rainforests is no longer seen as a sustainable enterprise and, as such, people are searching for alternatives to wood products. We’ve seen plastic products become an extremely common alternative in the manufacture of furniture and toys for example, but there are also several problems with this material. Plastic also compromises the environment and many of us dislike the aesthetic of plastic products.

People still want the feel and look that timber provides around their home, but without the negative environmental consequences.

This is where Futurewood come in. We share this combination of social responsibility and a wish to hold on to the aesthetic values of timber products.

With these strong beliefs in mind, we set out to develop a practical, stylish and affordable alternative to timber. The result is a range of environmentally friendly composite products that actually improve on timber in many aspects.

As sustainability is such an important consideration of ours, we are proud to use almost entirely recycled materials in the Futurewood range.

This includes wood waste such as sawdust, rice husks and industrial plastic waste. In doing so, we’ve successfully reduced landfill while helping protect the rainforests in Australia and beyond.

Futurewood haven’t forsaken the beneficial qualities of timber, however. The grained texture, organic feel and natural colours have been replicated in all our products. Whether you install a Futurewood deck or fence, or undertake some cladding or edging with our timber alternatives, you’ll love the results. Your guests will find it hard to believe that the new addition to your house isn’t made from authentic timber

What we did leave out were the imperfections and deficiencies of wood products. You won’t find any of the knot holes, splits and misshapen aspects in Futurewood products that are so common in timber.

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