CleverDeck Colours

It is true that looks are important and the one aspect of your deck that everyone will notice is the colour. You will definitely appreciate the numerous practical qualities of your CleverDeck, but they might be taken for granted by your friends and family.

With this in mind, one of the primary concerns when developing our composite timber alternative was aesthetics. In addition to the convenience, resilience and low maintenance of all our products, we wanted to ensure they also retained an authentic and natural look and feel.

After careful consideration of Australia’s unique living environments, Futurewood selected a palette that we feel best embodies our product and harmonises with the Nation’s urban and rural landscapes.

We settled on five fantastic choices.

Mahogany is a colour inspired by the tree of the same name. It has a deep reddish-brown pigment that conjures up visions of the outback and Uluru. It adds a richness and texture to the brilliantly sunny days we get so often in Australia.

For that traditional all-natural backyard deck look, it is hard to go past Walnut. Also named for the tree, this is a lighter colour that does wonders for the organic feel of your outdoor space.

Rich and earthy, a Chocolate deck is eye candy for anyone considering fitting a new deck. Darker than the other wood-based colours, it gives a strong but natural finish that is equally vibrant in all seasons.

Native to Australia, Saltbush (Colour no longer available. Replaced with Weatherstone) is a hardy plant that flourishes in hot dry conditions. We replicated the subtle, sun-bleached colour of the leaves for CleverDeck and the result is a light, atmospheric and friendly colour.

Slate Grey has a distinctive urban edge to it. Dark, modern and slick, it complements contemporary housing design, while retaining a strong natural element. With a hue not dissimilar to charcoal, this colour is a reminder of that great Australian tradition – the BBQ.

All the colour options undergo a weathering process between 4 and 12 weeks after installation. This was taken into consideration when developing our range and further adds to the natural feel of your deck.

Perhaps best of all, you will never need to paint your CleverDeck. We thought of everything!

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