Cleverdeck made him a clever dan

Thomas Edison once said, “There is always a better way.”

And after 10 years of building decks for people, Daniel of Bedazzled Landscape has finally found a better way to do it. And he’s thanking his lucky stars.

Daniel came across CleverDeck at Masters and immediately thought of a job coming up in South Morang in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The clients had only thought of conventional timber decking, but when Daniel ran through a few of the CleverDeck benefits – low maintenance, termite resistant, environment-friendly – they quickly became as enthusiastic as he was. And decided Mahogany was just the colour they wanted.

“It’s really good to work with,” says Daniel. “It all screws down, which I love, with little hidden clips that keep it really strong. And screws are better because they don’t pull out.”

The job also involved a couple of sections of screening, for which EnviroSlat proved ideal, with installation again a highlight for Daniel.

“There’s nothing worse than when you come to do something, you’ll pick up a piece of long timber and it’s twisted or bent,” he points out.

“And you’re trying to put it up on the screen and it just doesn’t want to go. Whereas with Futurewood, the decking and the screens, every piece is perfect, all one exact length and straight as an arrow. It’s a joy to work with.”

The screening also houses a beaut little water feature, so the fact that EnviroSlat is water and rot resistant is a real bonus. But the best thing for Daniel was the client’s reaction when it was all finished.

“They were just over the moon about it. They couldn’t believe how nice it had come up.”

And there’s nothing better than that.

We back our products all the way and are thrilled Daniel is another happy customer.