CleverDeck Tiles + Service = The Ideal Solution For Wendy (Product No Longer Available)

Take a well thought out web site and quality service and the end result should be a satisfied consumer.

Wendy Lake was browsing for a decking solution when she caught a glimpse of the Futurewood website. Another computer click uncovered deck tiles (Product No Longer Available) that Wendy believed could be integral to an outside barbecue area at her new Wyndham Vale home.

She wanted more information so she contacted the company. Within a day or two, samples of Futurewood CleverDeck tiles (Product No Longer Available) arrived at Wendy’s home for her to assess.

“Sending me whole tiles enabled me to see and feel the product which helped my decision-making,” Wendy recalled during this interview. “The service was brilliant because Futurewood acted quickly and were only too happy to answer my questions.

I was looking for low-maintenance deck tiles (Product No Longer Available) and Futurewood’s product solved this issue. The solid wood composite decking is as good as termite and white ant proof, doesn’t splinter and won’t rot. So there’s no need for painting and oiling in future.

“But above all, my deck looks great. Everybody who sees it absolutely loves it.”

There’s a choice of Mahogany or Slate Grey and Wendy chose grey to contrast with the exterior of her home.

Wendy says what also appeals about Futurewood deck tiles (Product No Longer Available) is the ease of installation, they are a real DIY product. They clip together and Wendy says she laid about 20 square metres within three hours. “It cost me about $1100, so the price was well within my budget,” she says. “I’m looking forward to summer.”

Futurewood products are available through most building/hardware stores and were recently selected by hardware giant Masters Home Improvement, a subsidiary of Woolworths, as their preferred wood plastic composite decking and fencing supplier.

Masters is now stocking Futurewood decking & fencing products in all 22 stores around the country, with another 8 stores under construction and more to come. Futurewood director David Elms says he is delighted to join forces with Masters, as they share the same quality and service ethic.

“Masters is keen to be known for its quality products and service and is creating a real point of difference within the hardware industry,” Elms says. “We look forward to growing with this dynamic company.”

Elms says Masters provides his company with an increased opportunity to showcase Futurewood products and this gives the consumer easy access to our products through 7 days a week shopping at a rapidly growing number of Masters outlets. “It improves our distribution and therefore extends our visibility and reach,” Elms says.