Composite Decking Has Its Day In The Sun

Australians love their deck. Where indoors meets outdoors and alfresco living is the order of the day.

But the times are a–changing and traditional timber decking is rapidly making way for more sustainable composite decking materials, and not before time.

For a start traditional rainforest timbers like merbau are rapidly heading for extinction. Deforestation, particularly in the most vulnerable underdeveloped countries, is a massive problem with implications for biodiversity, local populations and climate change that are genuinely concerning.Composite decking is the sustainable alternative. Futurewood’s CleverDeck is a highly sophisticated composite decking material manufactured from recycled polyolefin (plastic from post industrial waste), rice husks and recycled hardwood. And it offers some very practical advantages.

Maintenance, or the lack of it, is a major one. CleverDeck comes pre-coloured, in five natural tones, so it doesn’t need painting or staining, not now, not ever.

It doesn’t cup, warp or twist, and there are no knotholes or splinters.

It resists mould and water, and carries a ten-year guarantee against rotting and white ants or termites.

CleverDeck composite decking, with its double-sided timber-like profile, comes in 5.4 metre lengths and 138mm or 86mm widths. And the Futurewood system of concealed clips and fixings make installation quick and simple – as easy as falling off a log.

Quite simply, CleverDeck composite decking is the sustainable future of Australia’s love affair with decks. Practical, economic and responsible.

Leaving you to relax, enjoying the environment, and protecting it at the same time.