Tips For Building Decks Around Pools

During the warmer months, one of the things that a lot of people want to do is to take a dip in the swimming pool. Those who cannot afford to build an inground pool opt for an above ground pool, which is more affordable. However, many of them do not like the way an above ground pool looks, once its construction is completed. Adding deck around pools is one excellent way to get around this concern. Although this is a doable project, you need a bit of know-how if you want to make sure that the deck is constructed correctly and safely.

Why You Need A Deck?

Above ground pool decks are great because of their affordability, minimal maintenance requirement, and easy installation. Setting up a deck means you no longer have to climb down an unstable plastic ladder just so you can get in the pool. You can install a deck that is small, narrow, and provides access to only a certain part of you’re the pool. On the other hand, you can also go for elaborate pool deck ideas with fancy features and lavish furniture and accessories.

Composite Wood and Other Materials

In case you know your way around building things, you can probably take on the task of planning and building your pool deck right from scratch. If you need some new ideas, you can always search sites like Pinterest. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right materials and products and that you have the right tools and equipment needed for the project. If you are living in an area with extreme temperatures, you need to find out if composite wood or pressure treated wood is a better choice.

Traditional wood is prone to swelling and shrinking depending on the temperature. It will also need regular maintenance like sanding, stripping, and sealing every few years. You can also use other materials like pavers, flagstone, and concrete.

Composite wood and co-extrusion timber is also a decking material that is growing in popularity even in 2018. They are famous for being maintenance free, durable, and long-lasting. Composite wood offered by reputable companies like Futurewood have high anti-slip rating and is not prone to splintering and warping. Contact them if you are interested.

You may also find kits or premade deck plans that re-complete with the needed decking materials, hardware, footings, and construction plans. Although this needs less planning and knowledge, you should still measure correctly and make sure that everything is square and leveled out.

Designs For Your Deck Around Pools

Go for a minimalist design. This simply means not going overboard when decorating your pool deck. Simple and classy designs for ground pools almost always look great.

Mix and match decors. You can also try mixing and matching different styles through the use of at least one material for your pool deck. For instance, composite wood and stone look well together.

Create a unique seating space with a great view. You can improve the whole ambience of your swimming pool by creating a comfy and cozy seating space in your deck. You can use this area for lounging, dining, and hanging out with friends, and family. You can also use this as your activity area in case you are hosting a party.

A deck around pools is one of the best spaces in your home that unites you with your family and strengthens your family bonding. If you have a pool at home, you should have a place where you can just hang out after taking a dip in the pool. A properly designed deck, with or without the help of an expert, can help you create an amazing outdoor space that won’t only serve as a place where you can relax but also for entertaining guests.