Basic Design Principles When Building A Deck

Coming up with deck design ideas is more complicated than it sounds. If you plan to do it on your own, then you have to familiarize yourself with some basic principles so can come up with stunning decking designs.

What Do You Want?

Your deck can provide you with additional living space and become an extension of your home. We use it to expose and connect ourselves to our immediate surroundings, a setting that can be as majestic as the piercing blue sky of a sweeping vista, expansive grassland, or perhaps an inspiring mountain backdrop. It can also be as simple and serene as a quiet where you can enjoy the morning while sipping a cup of coffee in your backyard that’s beautifully lined with landscapes and hardscapes.

However, it is also a fact that DIY deck builders spend little to almost no time planning their deck design ideas before they start hammering the first set of nails. Because of that, many of them end up having decks that look like just random planks laid on the ground to create a floor. You can make so much more of your deck if you just spend time coming up with good deck design ideas and finding the right materials.

To start your planning for enclosed deck designs, for instance, you have to ask yourself how you intend to use the deck. Is it going to be used by your children for playing? Do you wish to use the space for hosting parties? Or perhaps you want a deck for your swimming pool. Do you want the deck to provide you shade from the sun or help you enjoy the sun? Do you want your deck to match the existing style of your home or do you want it to have a unique design that will make it your property’s focal point? You have to answer all these questions and if you do, you will get started in the right direction in making your deck design ideas come true.

Take A Good Look Around

Consider the surrounding landscape and architecture when coming up with deck design ideas. Look around. If most of the homes in your area share the same architectural style, designing your deck different may not be a very good idea. So be sure to create a design that will not just complement the current style of your home but also complement that of the surrounding houses. For inspiration, you can always search online. You can even check Facebook or Pinterest for some of the best designs and plans for 2018.

Formal and Informal Deck Design Ideas

Given that you are taking your surroundings into consideration when coming with design ideas for your deck that’s made of products like co-extrusion timber or composite wood, consider if your composite deck will look much better if it had a formal design. This includes using symmetrical shapes and traditional detail. Likewise, you should also determine if it is better to have informal enclosed deck design ideas for your outdoor space.

Site Design

The next thing you have to consider is the site design. This starts with determining where you want to place your deck. Once that’s done. You have to check for physical objects and obstacles that you may have to design around at your chosen site. You also have to consider the elevation of the site where you plan to build the deck. Obviously, a flat site will provide you more options for your design than a sloped site. Although a sloped site can be challenging to work on, it still offers wonderful design opportunities that you can make the most out of.

You also have to know your directions. Find the path of the sun in your area and its height in the sky during the seasons when you’ll use your composite deck the most. Position your deck in such a way that it will get maximum exposure to the sun or minimum shade at certain times of the day while still maintaining privacy.

Hopefully, the points discussed above have provided you a good idea as to how you should proceed when coming up with deck design ideas. If you want to know more about composite wood or plastic wood, contact Futurewood now.