Deck-it-yourself With Futurewood Deck Tiles (Product No Longer Available)

Arthurs Seat on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula provides the perfect vantage point for views over Port Philip Bay and back to the city.

So much so that Jan and Peter Ridout, who’s home perches on the slope of the mountain, decided they needed another deck – their fourth! – to take full advantage of their gorgeous location.This one sits on top of the carport, just off the dining room, and the question was what to lay over the existing cement sheeting. The search ended when their local Masters store introduced a new line of Futurewood Deck Tiles (Product No Longer Available) that Peter could confidently lay himself.

“They sit straight over the existing surface, without the need for any gluing or fixing,” said Peter. “All I had to do was check out around the fencing posts and the tiles just clip together! Easy!”

Futurewood Deck Tiles (Product No Longer Available) come in packs of eleven 300mm square tiles, enough to cover one square metre, and can be laid in straight lines or in parquet-like patterns of alternating directions. It cost the Ridouts just $630 to cover their 15 square metre deck.

“The other great thing is they don’t need any oiling or painting,” said Peter. “We had a choice of Slate Grey or Mahogany and thought the Slate Grey looked particularly stylish.”

In fact, easy decking maintenance is just one of the practical benefits Futurewood offers over more conventional timber decking. The non-slip wood composite tiles (Product No Longer Available) are fully resistant to rotting, mould, mildew, termites and white ants.

“We just love the look of it,” said Peter, “and I get the added pleasure of knowing I did it all myself!”