Tips For Lighting Up Your Deck

So, your deck’s finally finished installing the last few pieces of decking boards and what’s left for you to do is to relax and enjoy your new deck. When it’s dark, you will need lights to make your deck a great space where you, your family, and friends can hang out. Provided below are a few deck lighting ideas for 2018 that you might find interesting.

When you are dining or lounging al fresco and the sun starts to fade, deck lights lets you continue whatever it is you’re doing into the wee small hours. There are several considerations when it comes to choosing the best deck lighting ideas but one of the most important ones is subtlety. Most home improvement stores sell prepacked outdoor lighting kits that work well with any deck and outdoor living space.

In case you know a bit about electrical wires, you also have the option to make your own lighting design. It is also important for you to focus on durability and quality for your deck lighting. Keep in mind that the lights will be left outdoors and exposed to the elements. Whether they’re piecemeal items or kits, you need to have a daylight sensor or timer that will turn the deck lights on and off at certain times of the day. You also require a transformer to lower the current that moves from your home to your deck lighting system, cables to connect the lights, and of course, the fixtures. When you have all the needed tools and materials ready, you are all set to design the lighting system for your deck. Once you are done, you will get to enjoy your new outdoor space even when the sun goes down.

Go Solar

One of the best deck lighting ideas that you should consider is solar deck lighting. Apart from its easy installation, it’s also one of the most cost-effective options in the long term. If you choose solar posts lights, setting them up is easy. All you need to do is attach them to the side of the posts. When choosing which post on your deck railing you wish to attach them to, you must go with one that won’t shade the solar panels as the sun changes position during the day. Solar spot lights, post caps, and stone pillar solar deck light are a few other popular choices. Solar lights are an ecofriendly option. A high-quality solar deck lighting system can last for several years and they need little to almost no maintenance.

Choose LED

If you have a single or multilevel deck, an LED deck lighting is a great choice. LED lights are famous for their bright, white, or blue-colored lights. But these days, many of them are designed to emulate conventional lights, which offers warmer and softer lights. LED lights are quite durable and that is one of the many reasons why a lot of homeowners prefer them over other lights.

Regular Deck Lights

Regular lights or incandescent lights are good options, too. They offer the conventional warm light look that we commonly see in homes and landscapes.

Why Invest In Deck Lighting

Adding a nice and beautiful deck to your garden is one of the best ways to improve your outdoor space and property as a whole. If you install the right deck lights, your deck won’t just look stunning during the day. You can continue to enjoy your deck throughout the night and still have the privacy you need. Deck lighting also offers several other benefits like safety and security, additional aesthetics to your place, and day and night comfort.

If you are considering small outdoor deck ideas, be sure to add a deck lighting system because it will significantly improve the final results. If you don’t have any idea, be sure to contact an expert who can help you.