Choosing the Right Deck Material for Your Outdoor Space

Are you ready to take your backyard BBQs and outside gatherings to the following degree with a fancy new deck? Of course, you are! But earlier than you dive headfirst into deck materials, it’s crucial to take a step again and contemplate what you’re getting your self into.

Your deck materials will impact every thing from the appear and feel of your outdoor space to the quantity of time and money you’ll must invest in its upkeep. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the many options for decking!

Wood deck materials

Wooden deck materials are a traditional and well-liked choice for out of doors dwelling spaces, providing a heat and pure aesthetic that may complement a variety of architectural types. There are numerous kinds of wood decking supplies, each with its personal distinctive qualities and traits.

Types of decking with wood

There are different types of wood deck choices obtainable, which supply a wide range of unique features and qualities. From pressure-treated wooden to tropical hardwoods, every kind of wooden decking has its personal set of benefits and disadvantages.

Pressure-treated wood

This is a common and affordable choice for wooden decking. It’s made by treating the wooden with chemicals to make it extra proof against rot and bug damage. Pressure-treated wood is readily available and straightforward to work with, however it could have a green tint that may not appeal to everyone.

Cedar and redwood

These are two kinds of wooden that are naturally proof against rot and bug injury. They have an attractive colour and grain pattern that can add a touch of elegance to any outdoor living area. Cedar is an inexpensive decking material in comparison with redwood.

Tropical hardwoods

These embody ipe and mahogany – a lengthy lasting decking material. They are proof against rot, insect damage, and even hearth. However, they are often quite costly and are more difficult to work with than different wood decking materials.

Pros and cons of wooden deck materials

Wood decking options are popular and traditional for outdoor residing areas. Here are a number of the professionals and cons to think about when choosing wood decking:


  1. Wood decking has a natural, classic look that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and landscaping.
  2. It can be typically extra inexpensive than other decking supplies, corresponding to composite or PVC decking.


  1. Wood decking requires common upkeep, corresponding to staining or sealing, to forestall rot, warping, and insect infestation.
  2. It can also be vulnerable to weathering, fading, and splintering over time, which can make it much less sturdy than different supplies.

Composite deck building material

Considered to be one of the more modern decking materials composite is a comparatively new type of decking materials. Known for being low-maintenance and eco-friendly. It is made from a mixture of recycled plastics and wood fibres, and it doesn’t require common sealing or staining like traditional wooden decking.

Different types of decking with composite

Composite is among the hottest trendy and best decking materials to switch from like conventional materials. Here are some different composite decking varieties:

HDPE composite decking

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) composite decking is created from a mix of plastic and wood fibres. This is a long-lasting deck material that is a great selection for high-traffic areas.

HDPE composite decking is extremely resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. It requires little maintenance, making it one of the best material for decking for owners who want a low-maintenance deck. HDPE composite decking can also be out there in a wide range of colours and finishes.

PVC composite decking

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) composite decking is a extremely sturdy decking material that is highly resistant to moisture, making it the best deck material for moist climates. It requires little maintenance and may be cleaned simply with cleaning soap and water. PVC composite decking is on the market in a spread of colours and finishes, making it straightforward to match the style of your house.

Wood-plastic composite decking

Wood-plastic composite deck options offers a pure look and feels while additionally being highly immune to moisture, bugs, and fading. Wood-plastic composite decking types requires little maintenance and is out there in a spread of colours and finishes. It is also highly sturdy, making it one of the best decking material for high-traffic areas. 

Pros and cons of composite deck building materials

Composite decking is a well-liked low-maintenance, and eco-friendly possibility. It has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 


1. Composite decking requires little to no maintenance, because it doesn’t have to be stained or sealed like traditional wood decking.

2. Composite decking is created from recycled supplies, corresponding to plastic and wooden fibres, which makes it an eco-friendly possibility for durable decking.


1. Composite decking has a higher upfront cost per square foot when compared to traditional wood decking, but it could possibly prevent cash in the long term due to its low upkeep necessities and long lifespan making one of the best options for decking.

2. Composite decking can get sizzling in direct daylight, which could be uncomfortable to stroll on with bare feet.

Factors to consider when choosing decking material options

Choosing the proper deck materials is dependent upon a number of factors which might be particular to your wants and preferences. Here are the highest few:

Compare deck materials

Comparing different deck materials earlier than deciding on one is essential as a result of it helps you to make an informed choice based on your particular needs and preferences. By understanding the issues facing each material, you can select a decking possibility that is durable, cost-effective, and suits your lifestyle.

Climate and climate conditions

Choosing the right deck materials in your local weather is essential as it can affect the sturdiness and longevity of your deck. Climate can influence the wear and tear on the material and result in points similar to fading, warping, and rot. It is important to contemplate components similar to temperature, humidity, and precipitation when deciding on a deck materials. 

Maintenance requirements

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity of a deck. Different deck materials have different maintenance requirements, with some requiring extra frequent consideration than others.

Before choosing a deck materials, it’s necessary to think about the quantity of effort and time you’re keen to invest in maintenance. This might help you select a long lasting decking material that fits both your desired life-style and price range.

Cost and budget

Considering the price and finances is essential when choosing a deck material as a result of it helps you keep inside your financial means. Deck materials differ in value, and some may require extra costs for upkeep and installation.

By contemplating your price range, you possibly can select a deck materials that offers one of the best value for money whereas still assembly your needs and preferences. This can help you keep away from overspending on a deck that you just cannot afford or one that does not present the desired level of functionality and aesthetics.

Aesthetics and design preferences

Considering aesthetics and design preferences is necessary when selecting a deck material as a result of it could possibly significantly affect the general feel and appear of your outdoor house. The right deck material ought to complement the style of your house and match your private preferences. Some materials provide extra design flexibility than others, so it’s important to think about this factor earlier than making a choice.

The bottom line

Choosing the right decking material requires careful consideration of various elements similar to local weather, maintenance necessities, price, and design preferences. While there are numerous choices obtainable in the market, composite decking stands out as a low-maintenance and eco-friendly option that provides sturdiness, versatility, and a natural look and feel.

It could have a better upfront cost in comparison with some other supplies, but in the long run, the savings on maintenance and replacement costs make it a sensible investment. Ultimately, the most effective decking material for you’ll depend on your unique wants and priorities, however composite decking is definitely worth contemplating for its many benefits.