What You Need To Know About Semi Inground Pool and Its Deck Installation

A semi-inground pool is a type of pool that is ideal for yards that are uneven, have a steep terrain, or some slope. A part, usually half, of the pool is buried into the ground. This is a good option for homeowners who wish to have a pool but cannot go for luxury above ground pools with decks or in ground pool deck designs because of the terrain. Semi-nground pools come in various shapes including oval and rectangular. Even though this type of pool is a tad more expensive than inground pools, it offers various benefits that makes it a worthy investment.


Since semi-inground pools are raised and not at level with the ground, its cleaner compared to inground pools. Its position prevents insects and animals from getting in your pool and this type of pool is usually made of no weld walls, which means it has a lower risk of being corroded.


The ideal location for a semi-inground pool is far from power lines as well as underground cables and pipes. You should also select a spot that has easy access to the water pump, which is important for filling up and emptying the swimming pools with water.

Pool Deck

Semi inground pools are commonly referred to as deck pools because most of the time, they are installed with a wraparound or attached deck. Deck pools semi inground pools hides the sides of the pool that are protruding. It also lets the user get in and out of the pool a lot easier. Apart from that, the deck pools semi ingound pools is also a wonderful place to lounge and relax after taking a dip. If you’ve seen how nice it is to unwind and relax on a deck, imagine how fun and exciting it is to cook, eat, lounge, and just rest near a sparkling swimming pool.

Installation Tips

New deck pools semi inground pools are among those home additions that a lot of people dread. The installation of any type of pool as well as its corresponding deck can make your backyard and even your entire property chaotic and you have no choice but to put up with it because the installation will take time. The whole process does not have to be hard. There are things you can do to make things easier.

Hire Reputable Contractors

If this is not your forte, you’ll realize that installing a semi inground pool and its deck is not that easy. Most likely, you won’t be able to do this on your own. Given that, it is important for you to contact and hire experts who offers such a service. You might be able to build and design a basic inground pool but doing it correctly and safely the first time around is highly unlikely. The installation of deck pools semi inground pools should be done right because it will affect the pool’s longevity. It is highly recommended that you talk only to companies that can provide you at least five references. If you are looking for a local contractor, it will be helpful to visit at least one of the references so you can personally assess the quality of their work. Don’t forget to choose a company or builder who is bonded and insured so that you are covered in case accidents happen throughout the course of the project.

Choose The Right Materials

Just like all the other products that you purchase, pools and deck pools semi inground pools come in different materials to pick from. You can go for concrete or fiberglass for the pool and you can choose composite timber for the deck. When deciding what materials to use don’t forget to consider the current cost as well as the future cost. There are materials that are cheap upfront but cost a lot over the years due to its maintenance needs. Meanwhile, there are also those that are a bit expensive upfront but end up being more affordable over time because it requires minimal maintenance just like composite wood from Futurewood.