Decking Merbau Price: An In-depth Analysis

Choosing a suitable decking material is crucial when building a deck. Two of the most popular options are Merbau and composite decking, and today we’ll be digging deep into these materials, specifically focusing on the Merbau decking price and its benefits.

What is Merbau Decking?

Before delving into the Merbau decking price, let’s understand it. Merbau, an exotic hardwood, is highly sought-after for its durability, natural beauty, and rich colour that adds sophistication to any deck. Merbau decking timber is elegant, long-lasting, and has natural features similar to gum veins that give it a unique appeal.

Merbau Decking Sizes and Prices

Merbau decking comes in different sizes, with the most popular being the 140 x 25 Merbau decking and the 140 x 22. The price of Merbau decking varies based on these sizes and the quality of the timber. As a guide, the 140 x 25 Merbau decking price can start from as little as $7.00 per metre, while the Merbau decking 140 x 22 price might hover around $8-$12 per metre. But these are just ballpark figures, and the exact price will depend on factors like the supplier, the grade, the quality of timber, and if it’s set in length.

Also, you need to remember that pre-oiled Merbau decking 140mm x 25mm and grooved Merbau decking price per m2 will be more expensive.

To get the best decking Merbau price, engaging with a supplier who can provide excellent service and a wide range of quality products is essential. 

Merbau Decking Cost per Square Metre

Determining the cost of Merbau decking per square metre involves calculating the cost of the boards, delivery, and potential additional charges, such as building approvals from the council and installation.

What Makes Merbau Decking Stand Out?

Merbau timber offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for decking. Let’s explore what makes it an excellent option for your house.


Merbau decking timber boasts exceptional durability and can withstand outdoor elements, including past borer activity and moisture, maintaining its structural integrity for decades.

Natural Beauty

The natural, deep reddish-brown colour of Merbau timber, along with features like gum veins, gives it a beautiful elevated aesthetic appeal that elevates the look of any outdoor space.

Resistance to Pests

Merbau is naturally resistant to borer activity, providing peace of mind to homeowners. It’s a high-quality hardwood that offers excellent value for the price.

Composite Decking: A Comparison

Now, let’s compare Merbau to composite decking material. Composite decking is also a popular choice, but it provides different benefits.

Composite decking is made from a blend of wood fibres and plastics. It’s highly durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is resistant to fading and staining. However, while it may look like natural timber, it lacks the warmth and natural variance of timber decking.

Despite being generally more expensive than Merbau, composite decking can be a cost-effective choice in the long run due to its low maintenance requirements. However, Merbau decking is a fantastic choice for those who love the natural, warm aesthetics of real timber.

Merbau Decking Price: Is It Worth It?

Our analysis shows that Merbau decking provides a blend of beauty, durability, and value for money, making it a worthwhile investment for your outdoor decking needs. Its initial cost is often cheaper than composite decking, offering a timeless appeal that is hard to replicate.

To find the best Merbau decking price, remember to factor in the price per square metre, the quality of the timber, delivery costs, and any extra expenses. 

While decking Merbau’s price is critical, its aesthetic appeal, durability, and natural warmth make it a superior choice for many homeowners. The beautiful natural features, resistance to past borer activity, and long-lasting quality are aspects you can’t put a price on. Merbau decking timber truly makes your house into a home.

Choosing Between Merbau and Other Hardwood Timbers

While the focus of this article has been primarily on the decking Merbau price and its benefits, it’s worth mentioning other hardwood options available in the market. Spotted Gum is another common choice among Australians, often concerning personal preference and budget.

Spotted Gum, like Merbau, is a high-density hardwood known for its durability and resistance to pests. However, Spotted Gum tends to have a more diverse range of colours and patterns, which can add to the aesthetic value of your deck.

Regarding price, Spotted Gum is generally more expensive than Merbau. Still, the final decision should consider other factors such as local availability, sustainability, and personal aesthetic preferences.

The Role of Timber Grade in Decking Merbau Price

The grade of timber plays a significant role in the decking Merbau price. High-grade Merbau timber, relatively free from natural defects like gum veins, knots, and past borer activity, is likely to be more expensive than lower grades.

The Impact of Merbau Decking on Your Home Value

Beyond the pleasure of having a beautiful outdoor space, Merbau decking can also significantly add to the value of your house. Well-maintained decking is a desirable feature for many potential home buyers, which means your investment in high-quality Merbau decking could yield a substantial return in the long run.

Merbau Decking: A Wise Investment – Not Always

In conclusion, while the decking Merbau price may initially seem cheap when compared to other decking materials, the long-term benefits of durability, aesthetics, and added home value could, on the surface, make it a wise investment. However, you need to remember that Merbau decking does require considerable maintenance when compared to other decking materials such as eco-friendly composite decking. 

Furthermore, if you are considering buying Merbau decking, always remember to get the approval of a reputable supplier, consider the grade and quality of timber, and include all the maintenance costs in your budget.