Decking Verandah: Elevating Australian Backyards

Australia’s love for the outdoors has created some iconic architectural designs. Among them, the decking verandah stands out, blending functionality with aesthetics. Here, we delve into how verandah decking is revolutionising outdoor living spaces.

The Essence of a Verandah Deck

A deck verandah is more than just an extension of the home. It’s an invitation to engage with the outdoors, whether soaking in the morning sun or hosting an alfresco dinner under the stars. But what sets verandah decking apart from a typical deck or porch?

From Porch to Decking Verandah

While a porch is usually a screened-in addition at the front or back of a house, a decking verandah encompasses much more. The deck becomes an integrated part of the verandah design, transforming a regular porch into a custom outdoor living space. This integration, often with decking and a roof extension, offers protection from the elements, allowing for year-round enjoyment.

Custom Design and Build

At the heart of any deck verandah is its design. Whether it’s a box span deck, a patio tailored to match the existing style of your home or a full ground-to-roof extension, each project is unique. Professionals often work with homeowners to bring their dream verandah decking ideas to life, ensuring a blend of style and function. The result? A space tailored to the family’s lifestyle and the home’s requirements.

Decking in Garden Ideas A Natural Integration

From small backyard plots to expansive grounds, decking seamlessly blends into the Australian landscape.

Timber: The Timeless Choice

The rich hues and organic nature of timber have made it a favourite for decking projects. Timber verandahs, made from cedar or local Tasmanian woods, have a warmth only natural wood can offer. These decks feel like an organic extension of the house, with boards laid in designs that complement the existing architecture.

Composite Decking Material The Modern Alternative

Composite decking is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for durability and low maintenance. This flooring system, made from a blend of wood and plastic fibres, provides the look of timber without the wear and tear. The benefits? No need for regular staining or sealing, resistance to pests, and a lifespan spanning years. Plus, it’s an excellent match for families with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Building the Perfect Decking Verandah

Adding a decked verandah to your outdoor living space is an art and a science.

Council Permits and Professional Guidance

Before building a deck or verandah, it’s crucial to understand local council requirements. Many projects, especially roof extensions or altering the home’s facade, may need permits. Fortunately, a professional team with experience in decking verandah projects will be familiar with local guidelines and can help navigate the paperwork.

Installation and Workmanship

From securing joists to ensuring the deck is level with the ground, installation demands precision. The pillars, handrail, and screen (if you opt for a screened-in verandah) all require careful work. Trusting a team with years of experience ensures a beautiful outcome and a durable and safe addition to your home.

Reaping the Benefits of a Deck Verandah

Expanding Living Spaces

A verandah deck extends the living space of your home, creating a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. From weekend BBQs to relaxed family evenings, the deck becomes a focal point of the house.

Enhancing Property Value

A well-designed and built decking verandah is more than just an outdoor living area. It’s an investment. Homes with custom outdoor spaces often fetch higher prices in the market, thanks to the added functionality and aesthetic appeal.


In conclusion, the decking verandah is a testament to Australia’s love for the outdoors. Whether revamping an existing space or building from scratch, integrating a deck into your verandah design offers unparalleled advantages. So, as you envision your dream outdoor space, consider the timeless charm and modern functionality of verandah decking.