DIY Decking Made Easy

If DIY is one of your favourite activities, and you’ve been looking at your outdoor area with a critical eye for some time, we may have a solution for you.

Futurewood’s easy to install decking tiles (Product No Longer Available) make creating a relaxing and attractive outdoor area simple and cost effective. You don’t need to hire a contractor, put up with days of dust or noise, and the kids can still use the backyard while you install the tiles, or better yet, the kids can install the tiles while you put your feet up!

Futurewood’s deck tiles (Product No Longer Available) have two edges with interlocking pins set underneath the tile, and two edges with loops that protrude from the edge of the tile. These pins and loops act just like a jigsaw, and ‘click’ together really easily.

This means you can convert that tired old concrete patio in to a new CleverDeck!, in just an afternoon. The surface is hardwearing, termite resistant and doesn’t rot or fade, so will stay clean and long lasting no matter how many parties you have!

The decking tiles (Product No Longer Available) come in two attractive colours, so you can match them to your garden and décor. As you don’t need complicated tools or equipment, you can install them yourself in a matter of hours. You don’t even need extra clips, nails, glue, or other bits that can get lost or broken during the install. All you need is enough tiles (and matching edging if required) to cover your concreted area and make sure that the area in question has a fall on it so water will not get trapped underneath and you can have a garden makeover done in an afternoon.

As well as being easy to install, Futurewood is great for the environment, being made completely of recycled materials collected from industrial and domestic waste sources. Futurewood provides an eco-friendly option to using wood products, reducing the need for wood consumption that impact the rainforests and old growth forests.

Futurewood’s decking is designed to be long lasting, sturdy, and easy enough to install yourself at home with minimal equipment and no experience. If you can put a jigsaw puzzle together, you can install our DIY decking! Give us a ring today and see what Futurewood’s DIY decking can do for you.