Don’t try this at home

For Simon Minney of Canberra’s idig Landscaping, this was a dream job.

A project where the customer wanted something different.

“As well as a chippy and landscaper, I’m a bit of an artist,” said Simon. “I like doing high-end dress work where aesthetics and craftsmanship combine to create something really special.”

The clients wanted two circles of decking to form a centerpiece to their new crescent-shaped home in Yarralumla. As well as being circular, it had to have a shower the children could play under on hot days, and they wanted it made of Futurewood CleverDeck – a material Simon had never used before.

Working closely with the clients, Simon was able to develop their ideas into a series of spherical levels that bridge the natural fall between the opposite wings of the house.

A black composite pot made the perfect shower base that drains into the stormwater, and another pot was modified to form an open fire pit.

As for the pre-coloured Mahogany CleverDeck, Simon was more than impressed.

“I couldn’t believe the density,” said Simon. “We were concerned about scuffing during the construction phase and taking our boots off, until we noticed that the offcuts showed no signs of damage. It is tough and durable and it didn’t scuff or mark up at all. I was most impressed with its durability.”

Heat treating the outer boards to create the required curves is not something Simon would recommend trying at home, but the finished result is spectacular. And the clients are delighted with a creation that surpassed their expectations.

As for Simon, he’s a Futurewood convert.

“I’ve already priced CleverDeck into two other jobs,” he said. “I dig it!”