Top Composite Deck Care Tips

Composite wood is known for its durability and aesthetics. It’s also a known fact that these things need little maintenance. They don’t need to be sanded, stained, and painted. They can hold their own even when left unattended for a while. However, all the little things count. Even though the warranty says 25 years, it’s always best to care for your deck as much as possible. It’s all these little steps that make your elevated deck design ideas last longer. Here are a couple of tips on how to care for your composite deck:

Be sure to clean up spills as soon as possible

Water is an exception on this one. If oily and greasy substances are spilled onto your decking, be sure to clean them up immediately. Don’t let them sit for too long. Oil can spoil and grow moulds if left unattended for a while. To prevent any discoloration on your decking, wash the affected areas with soap and water. Brush it gently to get rid of all the oil and rinse it afterward. This should prevent oils from seeping into the deck. This goes especially to the kind of decking that does not have a laminated protective layer.

Get rid of moulds as soon as you spot them

Composite deck or plastic wood as well as co-extrusion timber are usually advertised as mould-free materials. However, moulds can still grow on them. Mould spores can stick to the underside of the boards or on top, particularly if the area is moist for most of the time. Be sure to ask your manufacturer about this. Some mould removers might not be so gentle on your decking. So, be sure to check with your manufacturer and ask them for products that they approve.

Use gentle cleaning methods all the time

The safest way to clean your deck, regardless if it multi level or not, is to use a pressure washer. With the use of light cleaning solutions, spray the areas of the rectangular deck designs that you want. Never use harsh solvents like acetone and others. It could damage the surface of the boards particularly since it uses plastics. Some solvents could dissolve plastic and you don’t want that to happen. Also, when spraying, don’t put the spray nozzle too close to the boards. Point it at an angle with the nozzle about one and a haft feet away from the board. This will gently wash the boards without damaging them.

Add some protection to your decking

If you want to keep your japanese deck design in your outdoor space in pristine condition for the longest time possible, you should add in some extra protection. If you want to place a grill on top of your deck you must use a splash mat. This will catch all the drippings and splatter, saving you the hassle of cleaning up afterward.

Do some regular sweeping

If you have trees nearby, there will be a huge chance that leaves will be lodged into the gaps between the boards and the ground itself. Don’t let the leaves fall down. Sweep at least once a week. It’s a simple yet effective means of taking care of deck.

Use rubber boots on your furniture

When you have guests around, it will be likely that you’ll be moving furniture around. To keep them from scratching the surface of your patio or deck boards , install rubber boots that you can buy from your local hardware store. If you haven’t bought your furniture yet, try to find those that will not leave scratch marks on your decking. Choose those with rounded legs. Those will lessen the friction on the boards and leave them unscratched. Additionally, don’t forget to add privacy features. These simple care tips will leave your boards nice and good looking for a long time. What are you waiting for? Design and build your decking that will last many years without the normal maintenance of traditional timber decking.. If you need assistance, contact a professional builder.