Tips For Choosing A Deck Style

Almost all kinds of home remodeling projects require a lot of time for thought and planning, and of course, hard work. Front deck designs are among the most complicated home improvement projects because it affects the overall aesthetics, privacy, and value of your house. Given all these, you need to choose a deck design carefully. Nobody wants to wait until the deck is installed only to find out that it doesn’t meet your needs or it does not look the way you want. To avoid all that, here are a few tips to help you come up with the right front deck designs for your needs.

Before you choose the best deck pattern designs in 2018 from Pinterest or Facebook, you need to examine your yard as well as the ground conditions so you can determine if there are potential issues. When you are examining your space, here are three issues that you need to consider.

Water runoff – In case you are planning to construct your deck in a spot in your yard where water pools after heavy rain or from a different source like a downspout, you should think about its consequences carefully. You need to address storm water problems before you build your deck even if the material that you’ll use is a composite deck, which is resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Trees – In case there are lots of trees in the spot where you plan to build your deck, you need to consider the growth of the roots and how it will affect your deck. If you don’t want to remove the tree, you can just make it a part of your floating deck design ideas. Just be sure to leave at least three inches of space around the tree’s trunk so it can still get its much-needed air and water and also have room to grow.

Uneven/Sloped Site – An uneven or sloped site could cause problems to your deck that’s made of composite wood. However, sloped sites or uneven grounds does not have to be a problem. Find ways to use it to your advantage, instead. You should consider building a multi-tiered deck. It will allow you to designate what each area should do or be used for. You also have the option to construct a raised deck with steps. This kind of deck will offer a level surface even though the ground has inconsistencies.

What Are Your Intentions

If you are planning to build a deck made of composite wood, you most probably have a good idea as to the purpose that you want it to serve. However, it is still a good idea to carefully consider what your intentions are for your deck to make sure that the structure will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Seating – Your new deck will most likely be the focal point of your yard. You have to think about your entertainment needs when creating your front deck designs. Your deck needs to have adequate seating especially if you have a large family. There should be enough space so all of you can have fun and enjoy.

Outdoor Dining – if you are planning to add an outdoor kitchen to your deck, be sure to have a spot on your grill. Be sure that it is located away from the dining area. It will be much safer for your kids and it will also protect your guests from too much smoke and heat coming from the grill.

Sun Exposure – You can build your deck in the most effective and best location by knowing when and where the sun will hit your yard. In case you still want to stay in your deck even when the sun is high up, you can always invest in a large umbrella or an awning.

Attached or Freestanding

You can choose between two options, attached or freestanding when building your deck. The purpose that your deck will serve will play an important role in this decision. You need an attached deck if you want the deck to be an extension of your home. Attached decks are perfect for entertaining, hosting parties, and cooking out. Meanwhile, you can install a freestanding deck anywhere in your backyard and it can really improve the aesthetics of your garden and outdoor living space. Sun decks are one of its most common applications. Contact Futurewood if you wish to know more about how you can use products like composite wood and co-extrusion timber for your decking project.