Futurewood’s composite decking – a cost effective alternative to decking timber

Looking for easy to install, cost-effective material for your property? Look no further..

With the arrival of summer and the fast approaching New Year, it might be time to revaluate your decking. Questions worth considering are, how well has your materials fared? Does your decking require maintenance or potentially, complete replacement?

If you’ve worked with timber in the past and find yourself tired of the costs and time associated with upkeep, it might be time to consider a composite alternative.

CleverDeck offers the best composite decking, designed to be both environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free. As an alternative to timber decking, CleverDeck composite decking is a smart, no hassle choice. Why use composite decking?

Made from recycled polyolefin (plastic from post industrial waste), Futurewood’s CleverDeck composite decking is not only environmentally sustainable, but when you factor in both the initial and ongoing maintenance costs of common timber decking, will provide you with great cost-savings year after year.

CleverDeck’s 138mm composite decking is available in 5 standard colours; Chocolate, Mahogany, Weatherstone, Slate Grey and Walnut, and comes with a subtle indented grain pattern. All CleverDeck composite decking boards are available in 5.4 long lengths with a domestic 10-year warranty to protect against rotting and termite damage.

Offering one of the market’s best composite decking, CleverDeck’s composite decking range also includes the composite decking Eco-board, available in a rough sanded 86mm Mahogany finish, without the indented grain.

Easy installation

Perhaps one of the best features of the Futurewood composite decking range is that it’s so simple to install on your own. For those looking to do their own installation without the assistance of a builder, CleverDeck’s composite decking is for you.

CleverDeck’s composite decking boards are designed to be installed using the Futurewood deck clip system – providing you with a fast, cost-effective and completely concealed fix, adding to the already timber-like aesthetic of this composite decking alternative.

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