Futurewood’s Eco-Friendly Composite Timber Decking Choices

Creating alternatives to the popular timber, Futurewood has been developing composite timber decking that possesses the benefits of the material without the high maintenance

Futurewood supplies a quality range of environmentally friendly, low maintenance, timber alternative building products including composite timber screening, cladding and decking.
Now with a range of 2 distinctly different composite timber decking ranges and 4 types of boards to choose from, Futurewood has a product that is bound to suit your needs.

CleverDeck Original

This type of composite timber decking has been a best seller as it looks like timber but is more ecologically sustainable and low maintenance by comparison. Finished with a coarse sanded texture that makes the product look and feel like a timber plank it is supplied in long lengths with grooved edges that work seamlessly with Futurewood’s concealed fix clipping system. The long boards and easy to use clips add further value by reducing installation time and saving on labour costs.

Made from recycled plastic, rice husks and hardwood sawdust, CleverDeck Original composite timber decking has colour pigments running through the decking board eliminating the need for oiling or painting. It will not rot, splinter or cup making it a great option for any garden plus the concealed fixing provides a nice clean finish with no nails or screws to catch any toes!
CleverDeck Eco-Pro

This version of our CleverDeck range has all of the features of the Original product but in a scalloped back, single-sided board to reduce weight and heat.

With 4 standard colours in the Original range or 2 colours in the Eco-Pro range, the 138mm wide x 23mm thick x 5400mm long solid composite timber decking boards can be easily matched to any garden décor.

CleverDeck Xtreme

Known as a “capped” composite decking board, the CleverDeck Xtreme is a co-extruded decking meaning it has a hard, outer shell made from virgin polymers that completely encapsulates a traditional composite timber core. The Xtreme cap is made from a blend of different polymers designed to make it super tough and much harder to scratch than traditional composite timber. It is virtually waterproof and that means it is very hard to stain and easy to clean. The cap’s virgin polymer blend allows the use of vibrant colour hues with subtle streaking creating a totally new decking “look”.

The Xtreme board is available in both a 138mm wide and a 185mm wide decking board in up to 6 amazing colours. The boards are scalloped backed with a grooved edge profile. Both width boards are 23mm thick and 5400mm long allowing the Futurewood deck clip system to work seamlessly between either the Eco-Pro, Original or the Xtreme decking products.

Futurewood offers quality alternatives to traditional timber products and the range of options gives you plenty of reasons to talk to Futurewood about your next decking project. One of the best examples of its use in projects is this entertainer’s deck.