Futurewood gets seal of approval

Customers love Futurewood. Some of them could lie around on it all day.

Like the seal enclosure at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. When they needed decking for the floating pontoons and cladding around the enclosure, 138mm Futurewood CleverDeck was the obvious answer. Economical, rot resistant, low maintenance CleverDeck has it all over traditional merbau decking and other hardwood timber decking for this sort of work.

Even the seals could see that anything else was barking up the wrong tree!


SeaWorld first began using Futurewood about three years ago and it’s fast becoming the material of choice for ramps, decking, enclosures and the like, especially with the combination of salt water and high foot traffic in a tropical environment. It’s another demonstration of Futurewood’s enormous versatility. And another benefit – sealproof – to add to the list of product features.

So next time you go to Surfers, drop into SeaWorld and marvel at the sleek style and natural elegance – of the Futurewood decking!

… if you can get the seals off it, that is.